Whats IBMSilverpops Digital Experience Pathway in 2015

What's IBM-Silverpop's Digital Experience Pathway in 2015?

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Anyone anxious to see what's coming out of IBM's acquisition of behavioral marketing specialist Silverpop will have to wait a few more months.

Officials have some news to announce regarding the Silverpop technology but won't release it until later in the year.

But they aren't sitting still, according to Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, which now operates under the IBM ExperienceOne customer experience platform.

"The last eight months we've probably put more connection points in both from a business and product view than you can even count," Nussey told CMSWire. "The vision we brought to IBM is intact but amplified greatly."

So What's Next?

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We don't know exactly. Nussey was mum on any definitive plans but said to watch for some news in the next three to five months. He called the soup-to-nuts transition into IBM a "three- to four-year journey." 

"We are a bit ahead of where we expected to be," Nussey said. "IBM is investing more around Silverpop and our success as a nexus for ExperienceOne."

Silverpop was naturally part of the ExperienceOne game plan from the get-go. IBM announced in May (one month after the Silverpop acquisition) the arrival of ExperienceOne, a digital marketing platform that includes capabilities acquired in its Silverpop deal and rebrands an existing platform. It was a rebranding of its Enterprise Marketing Management Suite.

Available on the cloud, on-premise or by hybrid, it also combines capabilities IBM acquired through Sterling Commerce, Tealeaf, Coremetrics, Unica, DemandTec and Xtify.

Learning Opportunities

Nussey particularly cited Tealeaf's analytics platform, which he called unique in the industry for "truly measuring customer experience" and "feeding into other areas of the portfolio."

IBM's certainly confident in the capabilities, saying it's better analytics than Adobe or Google.

Integration, Branding Update

As for integration, Nussey said the crews are working on things to make it easier to do business as one company: contract management, billing, orders, etc. He said to wait a "couple of months" for more on integration. Last year, in response to criticisms over integration with IBM, Nussey told us integration is in Silverpop's DNA, and it's successfully integrated with several platforms, including IBM's, before being acquired.

For now, the Silverpop teams have been rolling out the platform in different languages in countries like Japan, something that comes with the territory of being under IBM's hood. Silverpop plans to keep its brand. A media representative cited the company as "Silverpop, an IBM company."

"We'll look three to five months from now to see what the markets say," Nussey said. "People have a great sense for the Silverpop brand. It's very well-known. The crown jewel of this acquisition was our behavioral marketing." It's hugely scalable in the cloud and it's heterogenous data for customers that doesn't happen with anyone else."

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