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Acquia Releases CMS Migrate, SurveyMonkey Unites CX Under GetFeedback, More News

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In this week's DX newsbyte, Acquia releases CMS Migrate, Kentico rebrands, Alibaba releases new products and services and more digital experience news.

Digital experience software provider Acquia has announced the availability of Acquia CMS Migrate. It is designed to help migrate data from content management systems to Drupal 9. Acquia's software offerings include Drupal Cloud website hosting.

Acquia officials said Drupal 9 can handle data at higher volumes, integrate with other platforms and help improve experiences for new Drupal users. Acquia CMS Migrate combines both automation and Acquia's Drupal 9 expertise. The software uses connectors to non-Drupal CMS platforms, including Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Bloomreach, Documentum, Oracle Web Center and others. It can help automatically migrate content, metadata, files and configurations to Drupal, according to company officials.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ...

Kentico Rebrands to Kentico Xperience

Kentico, a web content management and digital experience software provider, has rebranded its products. In order to reflect what Kentico highlighted as an industry transition from web content management to digital experience, the company has rebranded to Kentico Xperience, a digital experience platform. Kentico CEO Petr Palas in a May 28 blog post announcing the change cited Gartner's killing of the Web Content Management Magic Quadrant as industry evidence of the movement from Web CMS toward digital experience and digital experience platforms.

"At the end of the day, Kentico Xperience is the same product you know and love — just with a more fitting image," Palas wrote. "Pricing and licensing remain the same, just with new edition names: Kentico CMS is now Kentico Xperience Business, and Kentico EMS becomes Kentico Xperience Enterprise."

Alibaba Releases Products, Services to Aid Online Business

Alibaba.com, the B2B ecommerce marketplace and business unit of Alibaba Group, has unveiled three new products and services. The move is designed to help businesses digitize and pivot online. The products and services include Alibaba.com Freight (ocean and air shipping), Alibaba.com Payment Terms (cash flow control) and Alibaba.com Online Trade Shows USA (connecting US manufacturers and wholesalers with business buyers in an online format).

The Payment Terms financing solution offering is embedded directly into a cross-border B2B ecommerce marketplace. Qualified buyers can order goods and pay for them up to 60 days after they are shipped (payment up front was previously required). The Freight, powered by digital freight marketplace Freightos, helps SMBs manage and track ocean and air freight in real time online. The Online Trade Shows USA includes a series of category-specific, livestreaming experiences designed to convene buyers and sellers to meet and transact over a pre-determined period of days. These events showcase US-based manufacturers and wholesalers and aim to bring SMBs together over virtual show floors.

Leadspace Partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Leadspace, a B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP), has announced new data connections planned for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Organizations can enrich profiles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Leadspace’s B2B company data. This will help customers target, segment, prioritize and personalize experiences. The Leadspace connection will be available in preview this month, and customers will be able to try it in preview mode prior to general availability later this summer.

SurveyMonkey Unites CX Under GetFeedback Suite

SurveyMonkey has united its CX solutions under the banner of the GetFeedback Suite. SurveyMonkey's CX solutions help organizations using Salesforce CRM set up CX programs. The suite will combine all of SurveyMonkey’s current CX solutions under one umbrella, including the GetFeedback CX platform built for Salesforce customers. It also includes Usabilla, which offers digital experience capabilities that bring feedback from websites and apps. Both platforms (GetFeedback and Usabilla) were acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2019.

SurveyMonkey will continue to offer both GetFeedback and Usabilla while moving toward integrating the two product lines into a multi-channel CX offering. GetFeedback provides insights into the customer journey. It connects with Salesforce to unify and automate CX and CRM data.

Learning Opportunities

Washington Post CMS Expands Integrations

Arc Publishing, a content management platform from The Washington Post, has expanded its integration with software from Akamai, Catchpoint and MuleSoft. Officials said the additional software connections build on the integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Akamai provides a scalable content delivery network (CDN) and web security capabilities and enables Arc to provide bot management, web application firewall functionality, media optimization and CDN functions to its clients, as well as edge user segmentation data for A/B testing integrated with Arc’s PageBuilder Editor. Catchpoint provides testing and monitoring capabilities directly into the toolset. It complements Arc site management. Arc is also taking an API-led approach to connectivity with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. It allows enterprise customers to integrate Arc into their existing systems.

Redpoint Global Introduces Customer Engagement Platform

Redpoint Global has introduced its customer engagement platform, rgOne, which brings together real-time data, analytics and orchestration. The rgOne platform brings together Redpoint’s customer data management, automated machine learning and intelligent orchestration. The new platform gives users the ability to:

  • Establish a contextual understanding of each customer.
  • Respond to customers’ needs in the proper context.
  • Personalize messages and offers across all touchpoints and stages of the customer journey.
  • Maintain oversight and security of customer data by using a private or hybrid deployment option.

Litmus Integrates With SAP Marketing Cloud

Litmus, an email marketing provider, has integrated with SAP Marketing Cloud. The integration of the Litmus Email Previews application with SAP Marketing Cloud allows for collaboration capabilities for marketers and access to SAP's customer data when testing emails. Customers of the SAP Marketing Cloud can access Litmus Email Previews application and get previews directly inside the email editor for SAP Marketing Cloud. They can also use the Litmus checklist and proof tools. The integration with SAP Marketing Cloud is immediately available to all enterprise-level Litmus customers.

Gartner Names Multichannel Marketing Hub Leaders

Gartner has named its leaders for multichannel marketing hubs. According to Gartner, multichannel marketing hubs orchestrate a company's communications and offers across customer segments in multiple channels.

The leaders include: Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, SAS, Acoustic and SAP. Essentially, there were no changes among the leaders from last year's report other than the fact Marketo and IBM did not get mentions because Marketo was acquired by Adobe and IBM sold off marketing software eventually rebranded as Acoustic.

Last year, SAS had the best "ability to execute," according to Gartner, and Adobe was cited as the top vendor with "completeness of vision." This year, Adobe won each of those claims, beating number 2 Salesforce in each category. Vendors in this report had to have at least $30 million in 2019 fiscal year revenue.