Contentstack, a content experience platform, has launched Contentstack Marketplace, a central hub for customers and partners. The Marketplace, which offers integration apps, extension apps and Starters — including one-click integrations with well-known marketing tools — allows users to easily embrace new capabilities as their needs change.

Customers can soon link digital experience stacks in minutes. They can also reduce the risk and size of investments thanks to composable architecture principles and a MACH technology approach.

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Marketplace Allows Easier Access to Integrations

Marketplaces generally provide only code and installation instructions, necessitating extensive integration work from in-house IT experts that can take weeks and put customer security at risk. The Contentstack Marketplace contains pre-built integrations and extensions that users can install without any coding.

“The concept of Apps and App Marketplace is new in the product," Sonja Keerl, Global Head of Product Marketing at Contentstack, told CMSWire. "We had extensions prior to this which helped our customers integrate our core platform with a 3rd party application or build something natively over the CMS. This still required our customers to spend a considerable amount of time to build the integration and we wanted to reduce that time drastically which led to the concept of installable apps."

Businesses can use Contentstack to deploy content across every touchpoint in the customer journey. Because the platform's built-in collaboration tools accelerate the idea-to-life process, brands can keep content and customer experience fresh.

The App Framework is the primary distinction in Contentstack's Marketplace. It has comprehensive integration features, allowing developers to build apps with one to six UI locations, handle webhooks and use OAuth API for enterprise authentication.

Learning Opportunities

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Microsoft Azure to Promote MACH Architecture

Contentstack is now accessible on Microsoft Azure, which, according to Keerl, makes the platform the first multi-cloud SaaS CMS on the market. Previously, users were unable to benefit from MACH architecture, as no agile CMS offered Azure as a service. Now, brands can use MACH and select the cloud provider that best matches their needs. Contentstack is also the only company to offer publicly available cloud infrastructure options in both North America and Europe.

Even though the platform is a cloud-based solution, it is also capable of running in a non-cloud environment, allowing for sophisticated solutions to match a company's internal architecture.

"We know we can deliver a product to our customers that not just addresses their needs but also impresses them," said Keerl. "We always want to provide the best of the experiences to our customers so they can focus on what matters to them the most."

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