Fast on the heels of its acquisition of Quip, Salesforce gained new business intelligence capabilities through integration with Pasadena, Calif.-based DrivenBI.

DrivenBI just released SRK (3.0), a cloud-native, self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that empowers business professionals and doesn't require IT. Its data analysis platform provides analytical features and customizable data visualizations, all accessible inside the Salesforce system.

SRK resides 100 percent in the cloud. It eliminates on-premises hardware, data warehousing, data modeling and the IT staff required to support all of it.

“Most BI vendors claim to be cloud-based, but in reality they only provide cloud access," Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI told CMSWire. “They still require hardware, equipment and resources on-premises, which greatly reduces other vendors’ flexibility and ability to integrate with outside data sources.”

No Need to Export Salesforce Data

The value of offering this inside the Salesforce platform cannot be overestimated: It integrates directly with third-party cloud services and data sources and provides users with a global view of the data sources by clicking on a single tab, eliminating the need to export Salesforce data into external spread sheets for analysis.

“With SRK, users simply select the desired Salesforce reports to include in their analysis in SRK along with other data outside of Salesforce to create dynamic analysis, real-time dashboards, and scheduled reports, all inside their familiar Salesforce system,” Tai said.

Founded in 2006, DrivenBI provides full lifecycle development of business intelligence products using an Intelligent Data Management System (iDMS) to help organizations sort through all possible BI features and function

Apart from the data integration and native cloud deployments, DrivenBI also offers a number of specific advantages to Salesforce users including:

  • Chatter integration: Assign tasks, receive alerts, and comments on analytics using Chatter
  • Calendar integration: Automatically keep calendar up-to-date with the latest task assignments
  • Actionable sharing within Salesforce: Manage and share all Salesforce analytics in one place, from any device

SRK Uses Big Data

SRK 3.0 also incorporates big data technologies such as Hadoop into its software infrastructure, so it's capable of handling both structured data and unstructured data. 

“As a platform built from the ground up for business professionals, SRK removes IT complexities including data warehousing and programming. Furthermore, SRK offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. Business professionals will be able to acquire data and build analysis on their own in a matter of days without any technical skills and/or the assistance from IT," Tai said.

He added that most of the current analytics offerings for Salesforce are bringing sales and CRM related data into Salesforce as supplementary information for improving analysis inside Salesforce.

With SRK, Salesforce users can combine their Salesforce data with a wide range of external data, including finance, inventory and social media, providing business analysis and deeper insights for strategically business decision making in the system. It also responds to a number of wider trends in the business intelligence space. Tai called it a more efficient way to operate, adding, “Organizations need to function at the speed of business dynamics to remain competitive."