CMOs have something new to worry about, and it's data. What’s different about the new metaverse pitched by Meta, formerly known as Facebook?

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Elsewhere, we look at digital transformation and its possible expiration date and examine what compassion can do for customer experience. 

Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • Is Too Much Data Hurting Your Marketing Strategy? Here's What Experts Say Nathan Eddy | Feb. 22. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) now have access to more data than ever before. They must devote resources to data gathering, analysis, and, of course, the activities that follow, from digital to lead generation metrics.
  • Why El Salvador's Wild Bitcoin Experiment Might Just Work Alex Kantrowitz | Feb. 22. El Salvador's Bitcoin movement began when a California surfer named Mike Peterson received an anonymous $100,000+ Bitcoin donation for the town's citizens in El Zonte.
  • The New Metaverse: What's Different This Time? David Lavenda | Feb. 22. Get on board the metaverse train because, according to popular belief, the metaverse will revolutionize how we interact with one another. And it's coming faster than you might think. If it's that important, we should probably sit up and take notice. Then again, it's not really a new term.
  • Is It Time to Retire the Term Digital Transformation? Anita Brearton | Feb. 23. The reality is that most businesses have started their digital transformation from the ground up, department by department. There isn't a switch to flip; everything is done gradually. Companies have made significant progress in terms of technology adoption and evolution. 
  • Intelligent Process Automation Pushes the Boundaries of Business Process Automation Geetika Tandon| Feb. 23. Business process automation has been around for more than two decades and has mainly been associated with digitizing paper processes. While some organizations are still playing catch up with automating paper processes, the current buzzword around automation is intelligent process automation.
  • How Compassion Can Benefit Customer Experience Inge De Bleecker| Feb. 23. Compassion is the state of mind in which one is most focused on the other person and most likely to act to aid them rather than simply understanding their suffering. How can this help customer experience?
  • 7 Takeaways from CMSWire's DX Summit 2022 Winter Edition Dom Nicastro | Feb. 24. We've seen major changes in the way we live, work and shop during the last two years. There's no denying that pandemic has propelled digital across all channels, forcing digital natives and non-natives alike to spend more time using app services and support through their phones, tablets and desktop. These and other takeaways from the CMSWire DX Summit.

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