Successful use of chatbots, modern data platforms, AI-related ethics. The digital age, especially AI, continues to grow. And we're right on top of the developments and the implications for marketing and customer experience professionals. Last week was no different.

The Continued Rise of AI

Let's take a glance through the highlights of the past week:

CMSWire Connect: May 10-12, Austin, Texas

You did know we're bound for the Lone Star State, right? CMSWire is holding its first in-person conference since November 2019 when it brings CMSWire Connect to Austin, Texas May 10-12. 

Here's our Session of the Week:

Master Class: Optimizing Human Expertise in Customer Service with AI

In this master class session, Catherine Brinkman, VP of client experience, and Merle Heckman, global trainer, each at Dale Carnegie, will explore how artificial intelligence can optimize human expertise in customer service. They will discuss how AI can be leveraged to automate routine tasks, allowing human representatives to focus on tasks that require critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

The session will focus on effectively training employees to work alongside AI tools to improve customer satisfaction scores. The speakers will provide practical advice on how to quickly react to the information handed off by the AI software and ensure that the customer receives a seamless experience. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize human expertise in customer service with the help of AI tools.

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