We continue our companies to watch series with Potentiate, a data intelligence company.

Year founded: 2010

Founders: Henry Cheang, Global CEO; Andrea Collier, Australian managing director; and James Wilson, chief technology officer. 

Cheang, we are told, had a vision for Potentiate, a business that uses "transformational technology to maximize the value of information and data." He wants to give people all around the world access to new technology which adds to their businesses and their lives.

Collier said he's dedicated to building a business and a culture that challenges ideas, dreams up new data-driven solutions and stretches the Potentiate people and systems to deliver these in practical ways for clients. 

Wilson wants to create next-generation technology platforms that are unique and have an impact on clients and the businesses they are growing. His dream is to continue to evolve and transform customer experience (CX) technology and systems which are ahead of the competition. His passion is to improve, simplify and automate everything.

headshots of Potentiate founders James Wilson, Andrea Collier, Henry Cheang

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Number of employees: 70

Number of Customers: 108

Awards/recognition: 2016 Temkin Group Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Awards, Winner. 2014 RICA Research Effectiveness Awards, Consumer Insights, Highly Commended. 2014 Survey Technology Trendsetter Awards, Technology Future Leader (Henry Cheang, Global CEO)

What is your total funding to date? Self-funded

Learning Opportunities

people at the potentiate office

What innovations can we expect in 2016 and beyond? "Innovation and change are part of Potentiate’s DNA," Cheang said. "We are constantly developing to ensure our positioning as leading-edge technology providers in the marketing and market research arena." 

A snapshot of innovations Potentiate has on the horizon include external customer and company data full integration, dynamic closed loop workflows, full two-way API access to pull and push data between the Potentiate platform and their clients’ systems, video response questions and passive online behavioral enrichment. Moreover, Potentiate is working toward faster and more scalable solutions for clients using new database and cloud technologies.

Customer take: Shane Noyce, customer insights and experience manager, Super Amart

Super Amart, an Australian national furniture retailer, partnered with Potentiate to launch a CX program in December 2015. Potentiate was selected on the basis of the organization's depth and breadth of customer experience research experience together with its superior technology capabilities. Potentate’s integrated CX platform is one of the key points of difference and one that Noyce said has underpinned the success of the retailer's recent implementation of its National CX program.  

Shane Noyce of Super Amart

“It’s rare to find a research partner with such a strong research and technology platform beyond fieldwork," Noyce said. "Technology is part of Potentiate’s DNA and as a result, their CX program is easily integrated throughout the organization.”

For Super Amart, Potentiate’s digital platform has brought customer experience to life right across the organization and it’s something that the executive team constantly focuses on. Moreover, the retailer has recently integrated CX into its performance management framework where all operation divisions have CX on their scorecards. 

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