Oh snap! If you've seen the headlines in the past few days, Snapchat just isn't cool anymore. All those adults, killing the app's biggest draws, including privacy and spontaneity.

Big sigh.

Settle down, everyone. If anything, the party's just getting started.

Social Network Evolution

Virtually every social network has had this phenomenon happen on its rise to power. Some have labeled this the parent effect.

But just because adults join a social network — in this case, Snapchat — doesn’t make it lame. And it's time to respond to the collective freak-out over reports that “old people” (excuse me, 35 is old?) now make up 14 percent of the Snapchat audience.

Consider the facts.

More than 100 million people use Snapchat daily. They send Snaps — picture or videos messages — and compose Stories, compilations of Snaps that create a narrative.

As the demographics of Snapchat users widen, more marketers are paying attention to the platform. So really there's never been a better time to get involved, personally or professionally.

4 Snapchat Objections

Let's start by looking at some of the reasons people resist the urge to Snapchat.

It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

I’ve got to admit, I was in this camp for a while. If you started your digital journey on a desktop, mobile isn’t always second nature to you. Most apps aren’t set up this way. When you first start Snapchat, you’re basically sitting there on a blank screen and most of the features are hidden.

What’s worse is that your peers aren’t on there (or have placeholder accounts) and you don’t know how to add friends. You’re afraid to look stupid as you watch 15 years olds run circles around you.

Like just about everything else in life, things start to make sense the more you work on them.Nobody was born knowing how to Snapchat! Just give it a try, watch how others engage, read some tutorials, and you can get over this all-important pride based hurdle.

I’m Too Old

It isn't because you're too old.Consider that the undisputed king of Snapchat, DJ Khaled is 40 himself. So not being a teenager is no longer an excuse.

Learning Opportunities

I’m Too Late

Snapchat is coming after businesses and older demographics. They see that only having spontaneous stories isn’t getting it done for everyone and are in the process of allowing memories, where you can save as well as upload stories. It’s a smart move on their part as they roll out memories.

I Don’t Have Time

Again, not buying this excuse.How much time do you waste every week binge watching on Netflix?

Boost Your Snapchat Smarts

Now that we have all your excuses out of the way, let’s drop some knowledge about using Snapchat. Not a teen? Not a problem. Here's what you need to know to get started.

5 Useful Snapchat Resources

3 Snapchat Directories

There are too many to mention, but my favorites so far:

5 Facebook Groups

9 People to Follow

(aka My Inspiration aka the "I Told You So" Friends)

These folks may not appear on your typical people to watch lists. But I promise each one is worth your time and attention.

  1. Barbara BakerShe and I have had arguments on how to approach social networks for years (2007 Twitter was like Snapchat today)! She’s a great influence and very positive.
  2. Hillel FuldGreat consistent snaps about Startup Nation, with a good mix of drones, fast cars, and fine food.
  3. Kela IvonyeHe’s a serial entrepreneur and focuses on things that other entrepreneurs do not, such as logistics.
  4. Carlos GilHe’s very active and varied in his snaps and is a frequent speaker.He and Saba put together a great course as well.
  5. Saba SedighiCarlos Gil’s Snapchat partner in crime, Saba is co-host of the Social545 show and an innovative teacher.
  6. Anthony AntonicelloA local Louisville, Ky. friend who is high volume on fitness, sales, and all around fun.
  7. Vincent OrleckProudly #NotAGuru, his snaps tend to be family and fun related but also cool social media events in Phoenix, or also about good uses for snapchat for business.
  8. Brian FanzoBrian Fanzo is everything live streaming with a heart of gold.
  9. Mordecai HoltzGreat snaps with lots of good info on how to bridge the gap between online and offline.

Ready, Set, Snap

If you got this far, chances are you can stick it out a few days on Snapchat. Play around. Kick the tires. You might just like it!While you’re at it, you should add me on Snapchat, too.

Why let kids have all the fun?

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