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Salesforce has announced an expansion of its Einstein Analytics platform with Conversational Queries. The added capabilities are designed to simplify how business users interact with their data. 

Users can access important data by typing questions and commands such as, “show me top accounts by annual revenue” or “rank accounts decreasing by annual revenue and billing country."

"Analytics is all about asking questions that lead to actionable insights — using data to understand what’s happening in your business and determine where to refocus sales efforts, how to increase pipe, or how to better serve customers," Salesforce's VP of product management, Einstein Analytics, Amruta Moktali wrote in a blog post. "You have questions about your business every day, and the answer to one question may lead to two more questions, and two more questions after that."

Moktali wrote Einstein will be able to understand what you’re asking in relation to the data you have and suggests the best way to visualize the answer. For example, if you want to see your top 10 deals by region, Einstein Analytics will dynamically display your data in a bar chart to easily show “ranking.” 

Einstein offers a visual history of all the questions you asked during your session. "These advancements with non-technical, conversational language allow anyone to ask a series of follow-up questions of their data, without waiting in the queue for a data scientist," Moktali wrote.

In other customer experience software news ...

Cloudwords Debuts Marketplace

Cloudwords Inc., a marketing globalization platform provider, has unveiled its Cloudwords Marketplace, a localization software exchange designed so marketing organizations can have one single exchange platform for their integrated solutions. 

Marketing automation provider Marketo is one of the first certified integrations available on the Marketplace. "The Cloudwords for Marketo integrated experience enables our global customers to develop multilingual content at scale," Matt Zilli, chief customer officer at Marketo, said in a statement. "Our largest customers rely on our joint solution to reach their respective global customers, faster."

The Cloudwords Marketplace allows global marketers and localization teams to pick and choose the marketing and localization platform they standardize upon to create a best-of-breed global marketing technology stack, according to Cloudwords officials. It includes more than 30 certified integrations across web content management systems (Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress), marketing automation (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce ExactTarget, Hubspot), language service providers (SDL Language Cloud, Lionbridge On-Demand), machine translation (Microsoft Translate, Google Translate, IBM Watson, etc.), localization platforms (Memsource, Lilt) and video platforms (Vidyard).

Astound Commerce Merges with Fluid

Astound Commerce, a digital commerce agency, has merged this week with Fluid, a digital customer experience and software solutions company. The new company will provide digital design, consulting and engagement marketing.

It blends Astound Commerce’s customer experience capabilities with Fluid’s user experience (UX). Astound also includes content management and mobile platforms and scalable global digital commerce implementation services. Fluid brings customer experience, design, UX, digital marketing and strategy services. This merger doubles Astound Commerce’s U.S. operations and adds a presence in New York City. It already has offices in San Francisco, London, Munich, Hamburg, Dubai and Toronto.   

Adobe Updates Advertising Cloud

Adobe has introduced a new Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, which updates its workflows, data access and artificial intelligence (AI). The solution is part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Officials said it will simplify the process for using audience targeting in search marketing. 

It couples audiences from Adobe Experience Cloud with AI and machine learning based on Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning framework. It also leverages insight from Adobe Analytics, as well as audiences from Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign.

Updates includes a new user interface and bulk-edit features, including the ability to copy-and-paste directly from the user interface into Microsoft Excel — and vice versa.

Janrain Updates Customer Insights

Janrain, which offers customer identity and access management, updated its Customer Insights capability, which is part of Janrain Identity Cloud. Officials said the update enhances reporting, analytics and visualization tools. Marketers can convert transactional, behavioral, user-submitted and event data, officials added.

Janrain event data can also be shared with intrusion detection and monitoring systems or log management and security information and event management platforms.

With the new product offering, users of the Janrain Identity Cloud now receive:

  • Cloud-based, centralized customer data analytics. 
  • Big Data scale and performance.
  • Near real-time data collection and analytics. 
  • Near real-time event data reports, dashboards and conditional alerts. 
  • More comprehensive interactive data exports (CSV, Excel, etc.).

The platform integrates with digital and web analytics solutions such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, IBM Customer Experience Analytics, Kissmetrics, or Webtrends.

Clari Releases Team Activity

Clari recently introduced its Clari Team Activity product, which is designed to give sales teams real-time visibility into where reps are spending time. The solution captures activity data, including emails, meetings and files at the account level.

“Aligning sales and marketing efforts against the right accounts is the most efficient way to reach scalable growth and beat revenue goals,” Kurt Leafstrand, vice president of products at Clari, said in a statement.

Clari's artificial intelligence engine helps map activity to accounts and opportunities in CRM. Officials said that by using the tool, sales reps no longer need to log every email and every meeting.