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Salesforce Expands Industry Verticals, Adds Health Cloud

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For the past 16 years Salesforce has been selling solutions that center around customer relationship management (CRM).

Regardless of what industry you were in, you probably purchased the same product and made it work for your business.

While that will continue to be the case for many Salesforce customers, at least for now, the world’s top CRM company is purposefully working to disrupt itself by introducing vertical market clouds. Last week they unveiled their Financial Services (aka Wealth) Cloud.

Today it takes the wraps off of its Health Cloud.

Focus on the Patient

Josua Newman
“Healthcare is shifting beyond electronic medical records and to the care of the patient,” explained Joshua Newman, Salesforce’s Chief Medical Officer.

 And Salesforce is in a unique position to marry its CRM knowhow with the domain expertise of healthcare providers and payers as well as medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms.

The result? An improved and more effective patient experience, Salesforce boasts.

“Patients will no longer be made to feel like a props in the healthcare process, instead they’ll be active participants,” said Newman.

“Medical professionals will have a more complete view of the patient and the data they need for precision medicine.”

A Look Inside

What might this look like?

In the first case, a care coordinator who pays close attention to records might discover that the 60-year-old who shows up with a cough every six weeks might be dealing with effects of smoking rather than a cold.

In the latter case, data from medical records and devices such as blood glucose monitors, wearable health devices and mobile devices could be analyzed with information from blood tests, medical exams and prescriptions to find trends and establish treatments.

Everyone involved in this scenario wants the patient to win, Salesforce maintains — from healthcare providers to the insurance and pharmaceutical firms.

Focused Aims

From a high level the Healthcare Cloud, according to Salesforce, aims to provide:

salesforce health cloud

A 360 View of the Patient via a Patient Card that will allow care coordinators to gain a complete view of their patients, from current conditions and medications, to scheduled appointments and lab results.

Learning Opportunities

Data comes from medical records, devices, wearables and more. Patient information is presented in Health Cloud’s Timeline view that allows providers to understand the progression of a patient’s health journey.

A Patient Caregiver Map, providers map household relationships, as well as all providers and specialists involved in a patient’s care.

Information and Communication to Prevent Problems Before They Occur: A Today screen alerts caregivers to timely issues, whether it is missed appointments or a need to refill medications.

There’s no need to toggle between multiple systems, caregivers make smarter patient care decisions directly from the console by browsing tasks matched to individual patients Salesforce Chatter, a social networking tool enables care coordinators to review internal conversations taking place around selected patients, ensuring collaboration across the care network.

Provider can also segment and manage patient populations in order to set reminders for patients with conditions such as high-blood pressure to schedule regular check-ins.

Deep Engagement with Across Any Device: Health Cloud features Private Patient Communities, which allows care coordinators to securely collaborate and assign tasks across a patient’s caregiver network.

Private Communities also helps patients view progress against a care plan, find answers quickly to common questions and connect with any provider in their network. Also, by extending Health Cloud to mobile platforms, providers can send messages to patients’ smartphones, reaching them where they live and work.

Salesforce Shield Ensures HIPAA Compliance: The Health Cloud comes with Salesforce Shield, a set of built-in Salesforce1 Platform services that includes Field Audit Trail, Platform Encryption, Data Archive and Event Monitoring so that healthcare providers can safely manage, audit and archive patient data under current HIPAA requirements.

This helps healthcare providers adhere to compliance standards from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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