SAN FRANCISCO — Do you really need yet another app for your phone to remind you about work and all those tasks you need to accomplish? 

Salesforce thinks you do. 

The company used the kickoff to its Dreamforce conference here this week as a way to promote the latest additions to the Salesforce1 app — and to remind the more than 170,000 attendees about how much work they can do on the platform, even when working remotely.

All About Salesforce1 

Salesforce gathered everyone around the virtual campfire for some story telling about all the great features in My Salesforce1, a rebranding of the mobile Salesforce app it introduced in 2013.

Businesses are now able to brand the app and list it independently in app stores. So if Widgets XYZ company wants to repurpose Salesforce1 for its own team, it can. That should make it easier for employees to find the correct app and potentially boost adoption and use.

In a release, Salesforce also touted a new feature called Salesforce1 Forecasting, which now offers more access to company forecasts and other data insights.

And Now SalesforceA

The floor presentations also spent a lot of time talking about new features in a SalesforceA, which is specifically for administrators. The big takeaway is that real-time database updates, spreadsheet queries, customer questions and other essential details of running a specific division of a company are easier now from the administer-friendly version of the app.

Admins can also unlock users who are frozen from their accounts or put others on lockdown if they’re no longer a part of an organization. 

The number of nodding heads during the campfire session was indicative of how much those in a leadership position want to be able to perform all functions of their job from a smartphone.

The challenge is finding the right balance between feature focus and putting out too many apps. Currently the App Store lists 10 distinctive Salesforce apps while Google Play shows eight. The allure of more features can quickly turn to app fatigue, so some hands on time is required while trouncing through the Salesforce campground to see what upgrades make the most sense.