Well, that was fast. One day after five executives at Twitter decamped, one of whom was the vice president of global media, Twitter has named American Express Co. executive Leslie Berland as chief marketing officer.

CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the news Tuesday morning.

Berland has been with AmEx for ten years, currently as executive vice president of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships at American Express. She is, per every new executive joining every company everywhere, very excited about the move.

The buy in over Berland's appointment from the remaining executives at Twitter appears to be strong. Twitter Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain noted that she has a lot of experience with Twitter via American Express’ partnership with the company.

And she is very capable.

For that reason, among others, she was Bain's No. 1 choice for CMO.

The news has spread like wildfire on Twitter with the expected results, notes angel investor Adrian Herzkovich.

Learning Opportunities

These followers and the ones to surely come should have some interesting tweets to which to look forward, according to Marshall Kirkpatrick on the Little Bird blog

"An analysis of the nearly 500 people Berland has chosen to follow suggests that she is likely to be an innovative thinker with an open mind. A recent five year study performed by scientists at Babson College, the National University of Ireland and the VP of Innovation at EMC, published in the MIT/Sloan Management Review, found a strong correlation between a person having a diverse, loosely connected network of people they follow on Twitter and that person being a strong innovator at work."

Kirkpatrick wrote that Berland's 500 friends fall into three general clusters — media, tech innovators and Am Ex accounts — and have an average of 39 connections between them.

"That means she's got a more diverse network of people that she follows than Marrisa Meyer, Esther Dyson, Uber’s Travis Kalanick and a number of other prominent innovators."