Maturity models are popular because they help organizations assess the state of their critical success factors and outline steps for improvement. Because brand management is among the most important contributors to corporate success, a procedural model for developing an organizational brand is invaluable.

A brand is the sum of all customer touchpoints: from market perception and initial contact, to purchase and customer service. In this series we’re looking at the five interconnected dimensions that affect brand management: strategy, people, process, technology and impact. More specifically, we’re examining how an organization’s digital asset management (DAM) platform — the primary tool for creating, managing, publishing and analyzing digital assets — improves brand management.

A Formalized Process for DAM Is Essential for Brand Management

A formalized process for DAM operations can profoundly improve brand management. Yet all too often, enterprises ignore this key discipline.

At the lowest levels, organizations exhibit little or no formal DAM processes. As they mature, they typically begin documenting and implementing operational procedures, such as how to upload and tag assets, or manage users.

More advanced enterprises formalize training programs for new users, and institute a DAM administration schedule. Here is a sample schedule, broken out by weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks:

sample DAM admin schedule

At the highest levels of maturity, enterprises often create process maps for common DAM workflows. They may also develop and enforce guidelines for the use of digitized brand assets. These tools encourage the most advanced aspects of process maturity:

  • Continuous improvement throughout DAM operations.
  • Workflow consistency across users.
  • DAM integration into content creation and distribution as the central source of truth.

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Improving Process Maturity

So how do you go about maturing your processes? If you're at the lower levels of the maturity model, begin by treating your DAM platform as your central source of truth. By avoiding the use of other libraries or storage systems you'll begin your journey to higher efficiency.

Next, map out common workstreams and roadblocks. Ask for input from every team that has meaningful contact with your DAM system. This will deepen your understanding of how the system is used today, and highlight ways it can be improved to meet evolving needs.

Learning Opportunities

Next, create mechanisms for your users to provide continual feedback for site improvements. You should also conduct regular site audits to evaluate the content you have, and how it’s being used.

As you continue to mature, hold regular training sessions so all users are aware of system changes and enhancements. Create a DAM success roadmap to guide improvements to your strategy and governance plan. Meaningful, data-supported success metrics will help with planning and decision-making. Finally, issue regular company-wide communications on updates and successes as they relate to your brand.

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Track and Analyze to Gauge Progress

One of the most influential thinkers in business management, Peter Drucker, once said, “If it can be measured, it can be improved.” In brand management, DAM platforms are ideal for quantifying and tracking the KPIs that impact the brand. And if you stay on top of these key performance indicators, you can improve both your processes and your brand quality.

DAM analytics tools can help you create quarterly reports that quantify system engagement and content use. Mapping your martech stack can create connections between your DAM system and other platforms. And partnering with your finance department can uncover how your business looks at technology ROI. This will help you determine the process factors that will most clearly impact your profitability.

Technology is one of the most expensive yet essential investments in any organization. In the next article we will discover how to better manage your brand through technology.

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