Akumina is continuing its quest to drive usability and adoption of Microsoft SharePoint with a new release of its InterChange Platform.

The Nashua, N.H.-based SharePoint web solutions company today announced the release of Version 3.0 of InterChange, a suite of role-based authoring and site management tools designed to give marketing teams control over SharePoint sites.

Increased Digital Intelligence

This release, which comes just four months after Akumina unveiled Version 2.5, offers significant enhancements, CEO Ed Rogers told CMSWire. It can help clients manage, manipulate and create more digital intelligence and then deliver that out on any platform. 

"They can build cloud ready without needing to know how cloud services work," he said.

It advances Akumina's commitment to make SharePoint less intimidating for content authors, information workers and site managers through an app-based interface, he added.

It also allows developers to write applications for any front-end delivery platform with an Office 365 backend, and create applications that leverage enterprise content managed in Office365 or SharePoint on premises for multichannel web and mobile delivery.

Akumina explained

There's An App for That

"We're keeping the users out of the backend, more complicated systems by providing apps they can use to accomplish specific tasks," Akumina COO Steven Sherkanowski added.

Sherkanowski said InterChange solves two key problems for organizations looking to take full advantage of their investment in Microsoft Cloud Services beyond SharePoint, including Office Graph, Yammer and Dynamics:

  • The InterChange AppManager gives users the ability to complete tasks through apps rather than multiple backend business systems — and aims to make the user experience more like Facebook than SharePoint
  • The InterChange DevFramework lets organizations deliver mobile first, cloud first, business applications on Microsoft’s cloud services with JavaScript, client-side development and also aligns with their existing .NET, C# and MVC developer skillsets

Akumina Version 3.0

Connects with Office 365 and SharePoint

Typically hosted on Azure, InterChange connects with an Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises environment to deliver experiences across intranets, portals, extranets, team sites and public facing web sites.

Learning Opportunities

Its decoupled architecture empowers the creation, management and maintenance of sites powered by an organization’s digital intelligence inside Office 365, Sherkanowski explained.

Essentially, InterChange abstracts the development layer from cloud services applications like SharePoint and Office 365 to provide what Rogers described as "a tremendous degree of flexibility, centered on the user experiences which drive business application success.”

It allows Akumina clients "to maximize their investment in Microsoft Cloud Services while delivering customized solutions that are cloud-ready,” he added.

Aligned with SharePoint 2016

Dave Maffei
David Maffei, Akumina's Chief Revenue Officer, said the new version is strategically aligned with SharePoint 2016, which is just weeks away from general release.

"What SharePoint 2016 does for the market is introduces a series of tools that start to sort of sand off some of the rougher edges that existed in SharePoint 2013. By doing that Microsoft and Akumina are on parallel paths, working toward making sure delivery on the front-end of Office 365 — not just SharePoint — as well as delivery of SharePoint on the back-end will seamlessly enable the user experience for both business users and developers," he said.

Maffei said Akumina is building on Microsoft's increasingly robust back-end systems to give developers and designers at its system integrators a tool that will allow them to build "an incredibly stable public facing version of the SharePoint story."

He continued, "So it's really focusing on both of those ecosystems and the advances Microsoft has made in SharePoint 2016 just further builds the foundation under the covers."

The latest version of InterChange also includes a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that can be used by Akumina’s partners and client developers to create their own custom content management apps and present them to internal business users as an app inside of the InterChange AppManager UI.