Elie Auvray

As co-founder and CEO of Geneva, Switzerland-based Jahia Solutions Group, Elie Auvray is on the cutting edge of digital experience (DX). In fact, in the past few years, he's witnessed the industry as well as his own company increasingly shift focus from web content management systems (Web CMS) to DX.

Today, Jahia is earning a reputation as a leading open source DX provider. CMSWire talked to Auvray about DX — what many see as the command center of digital experience — at the DX Summit in Chicago.

Convergence and Disruption

"Every CEO now has a question about digital transformation. I remember a survey that showed the main investment focus of CEOs for the next five years will be customer experience and digital marketing, which is exactly getting to the core of digital experience.

"There is a huge convergence in the market between things that before had always been seen as separated. Customer journeys start as an anonymous visitor who hopefully becomes a buyer, and then will be in a CRM system. And then after that, for the post-sale experience, the company needs to understand all the expectations of that customer to deliver value and keep the customer for the longterm.

"This convergence of requirements between web content management, between digital asset management but also with all the different subsystems in the company — business and custom applications, data — in order to deliver that contextual experience for the customer is something that is really new. It's happening now.

“A lot of things that were not even possible before are now possible. You know, the big data thing, the fact that you can deploy an application very fast with an application cloud provider. I mean all CMOs in the world now fear that you may have an Uber next door — someone with an innovative business model that does not rely on the same constraints that you have internally, leveraging this technology and infrastructure to launch a service that did not even exist one month before, changing your entire business model."


Video by Jon Louis