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Stay abreast of the latest digital technologies to give your customers a broad array of options — before your competition beats you to it. PHOTO: Fouquier

Since the turn of the millennium, the internet has increasingly democratized knowledge and empowered people to become protagonists of their own "channels" of communication.

Through this evolution, the terms branding and reputation have gained more and more importance. Why? Because they best express the goal of a brand: to be recognized and preferred by customers for delivering excellent customer experience.

Digitally Fueled Changes

This shift rests largely on the back of digital technologies, which have opened many new communications channels. Nowadays, customers have a myriad of options when it comes to contacting a company, from phones and email to web forms and chatbots.

Regardless of the channel chosen by the customer, the support a company provides should be as accessible as possible. That means staying abreast of the latest digital technologies and giving your customers a broad array of contact opportunities — before your competition beats you to it.

Excellent customer experience requires consistency and seamless transitions from one channel to another. So:

Other Contact Channels

Phone and email aren't enough. To maintain customer interest and engagement, invest in an array of options.

Chat channels have gained importance for its ease of use and immediacy. They provide an excellent opportunity to resolve questions during the selection and purchase process, ensuring sales.

Video can be used not only as a source of customer contact but also as an option for education and instruction. Many companies now deliver instructional videos because it is often easier to show something than explain it.

Another feature growing in popularity is co-browsing – a technology that allows the joint navigation of a web page between two or more people. Some of these technologies allow only the visualization of what one of the users does on the page, while others allow a total joint navigation, with scrolling of the page and clicks, by more than one person.

With co-browsing, giving a demo to a client about a product or service, troubleshooting a problem or teaching a particular process is quite easy. Customers seem to like it because it does not require them to install unknown applications or extensions on their computers or mobile devices.

Stay Human

Even though it is quite clear digital customer experience benefits a company, don't overlook the human factor.

Make sure you hire the best people to be the faces of your brand so customer assistance is as good as possible. And make sure even your technical team is fully invested in customer-centricity.

To encourage customer care agents to provide top-notch assistance, consider incentivizing them with relevant rewards for superior service. It's a sure way to keep people at the heart of your digital customer experiences.