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So You Think You Know Digital Experience?

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CMSWire's DX Summit in November offers the latest in technology, strategies, tools and case studies.

So you think you have your digital experience nailed down. Maybe you have an optimized mobile website that transacts a respectable level of sales. Or perhaps you are the first among your competitors to have self-service functionality embedded in your app.

Unfortunately I am here to burst your bubble.

There is so much more to customer digital experience discipline that even "experts" cannot catalog them all in one sitting.

Let me tell you a true story.

There is a new baby in my family (thank you) and, simply put, I have taken to the Internet and gone berserk. I have been shopping, researching, sending "helpful" parenting tips found on parenting blogs and forums to the new mommy. And did I mention shopping?

Searching for Better Experiences

There has been one piece of my brain, though, that has remained rational and even dispassionate, observing how online retailers and websites react to the besotted auntie convinced that her nephew really truly is the best baby in the whole wide world ever. 

And the verdict is this: unbelievably, at this one point in any shopper's life when he or she is completely joyous and utterly open to a retailer's or brand's overture, some are completely dropping the ball. 

Among the various missteps I have cataloged: a failure to cross sell, the absence of a congratulation note and the absurd practice of a brick-and-mortar retailer refusing to make an exchange of something purchased via a mobile device.

Really, truly one could be in a half coma and still should be able to get any of these right.

Especially if the company is in an industry that is routinely reminded by vendors, analysts, media and their own customers that it is an omnichannel, multiple device world populated with numerous formats, platforms and tools.

Learning Opportunities

If I, the prospective buyer, am noticing these missteps on the part of some brands, I can only imagine how frustrated my counterpart on the other side of the equation is. 

That would be the seller, or rather sales rep, and he or she I truly pity. Without the latest tools, tech support and data, this person might as well be throwing spaghetti against the same wall where the marketing content director is practicing his aim.

We Have Answers

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For these reasons and many others CMSWire is organizing the DX Summit, which will be held Nov. 3 and 4 at the W Hotel City Center in Chicago.

There will be workshops teasing apart the issues of the day for attendees, as well as numerous networking opportunities. 

Our speakers include Tami Cannizzaro, senior director of marketing at eBay; Nikos Acuña, director of business strategy at Rocket Fuel; Stowe Boyd, research director at Gigaom Research; Bruno Herrmann, director of globalization at The Nielsen Company and Mark Grannan, an analyst at Forrester Research, to name just a few.

We hope to see you there.

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