E-Spirit COO Adreas Knoor

Digital integration and management vendor e-Spirit has named Andreas Knoor (pictured, right) its Chief Operating Officer in the US. He replaces Robert Bredleau, who is moving back to Germany.

Oliver Jaeger, e-Spirit VP of Global Marketing and Communications, described Bredleau as experienced in setting up new businesses. "To set up there are a lot of things you have to deal with. You have to sort out the legal issues, you have to find an office, you have to find staff,” he said.

"He has now done that, he did a great job and we have the first customers and we have been very successful especially in the e-commerce and our best of breed approach where we can provide a global experience, and unified customer experience approach. It’s something that has really worked in the US."

In Germany, Bredleau will continue to play a key role in the development of e-Spirit where he will be responsible for driving partner network expansion and ensuring a unified, strategic and consistent approach in every market. 

Bredleau will head the company's international partner program after having successfully established e-Spirit in the US.

Lessons Learned

For European companies looking to expand into the US, the e-Spirit experience is a good lesson.

Make the move, build slowly, establish yourself and grow. 

Learning Opportunities

Knoor joined e-Spirit as a software architect in 1999 shortly after the company’s formation. He moved into a project manager role before being named Vice President of Product Management in 2008. Under his leadership, e-Spirit focused on providing a best-of-breed Web content management solution that is scalable and flexible and has progressed in the US market on the back of its agile integration capabilities. 

While Jaeger couldn’t go into specifics, he said the next year will be focused on developing new product integrations and partnerships

“With more and more applications entering the e-commerce fray integration capabilities are getting more and more important. Adding modules of integration for products that are important to the market with integration and product partners remains our focus," Jaeger said.