This year, the next generation of digital marketers may have a new Silicon Valley lab to call home.

In January, Kahuna, a communication automation platform, announced a public event series featuring leaders and workshops in digital marketing topics. The series debuts today with a lecture and discussion by Geoffrey Moore at Kahuna’s Redwood City, Calif. headquarters.

Moore, author of marketing guide “Crossing the Chasm,” will share insights from his latest book, “Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption.”

Marketing Evolution

Giovanni Rodriguez, managing director of Kahuna Labs, said Moore “has a unique perspective on the evolution of the marketer” and can advise other executives on the continuous disruption of technology in business.

Kahuna Labs wants to “educate and empower” the next generation of marketing leaders, Rodriguez said. “We are doing this through a range of services, including a speaker series for which we are tapping some of the greatest minds in the industry,” he added.

Founded in 2012, Kahuna services clients like Yelp, the Hearst Corp. and The Weather Channel. Following a $45 million Series B investment last summer, Kahuna officials described the company as the “leader in communication automation for the mobile era” — and added that they can challenge Salesforce (ExactTarget capabilities) and Oracle (Responsys) for the industry lead.

As a part of Kahuna’s new strategic services division, Kahuna Labs plans to roll out interactive events in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

Future workshops will focus on demonstrating the latest technology and practices, with an emphasis on products that foster personal relationships.

“Other speakers in the series will discuss topics ranging from the evolution of mobile engagement, the impact of design-thinking in the creation of product and experience, and what all marketers in 2016 will learn from the election,” Rodriguez said.

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