Lift AI, an anonymous buyer intent data solution, is teaming up with revenue acceleration platform Drift to help businesses boost website conversions that lead to increased sales and revenue. The partnership between the two organizations was announced Aug. 26.

Lift AI is a machine-learning model that identifies the buying intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time. Created by sales agency MarketLinc, Lift AI, will develop playbooks, chat engagement strategies and custom service offerings for Drift customers, in order to deliver engaging website experiences.

"Website marketing and sales teams are increasingly challenged with finding ways to engage anonymous visitors with the highest buying intent and converting them to sales," said Don Simpson, CEO, Lift AI. "Partnering with Drift, Lift AI will provide enterprise customers with the services, strategies and playbooks to identify visitor's buying intent and deliver unprecedented visibility of the quality of traffic from each lead source along with a powerful view of the entire website's revenue potential."

Learning Opportunities

Lift AI's professional services combined with Drift's revenue acceleration platform can help enterprise customers prioritize accounts."Lift AI brings a unique approach to identifying high-value visitors engaged on a website in real time," said Jared Fuller, senior director of partnerships at Drift. "We are proud to partner with Lift AI to help dramatically improve our enterprise customers' buyer experiences and increase total revenue potential."

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