With a name like Vistaprint, your mind is probably quick to go toward business cards, flyers and other paper products. But the company is more into online marketing these days, and it’s latest effort is all about cashing in on the local scene.

The effort is called Local Listings, which helps businesses to get discovered in maps, search engines and other methods, with a special emphasis on mobile devices.

Get Discovered

Vistaprint already had a hand in local search, but the new effort is a complete overhaul that the company hopes will better reflect how most people seek local information. 

That’s because the focus is more on sprinkling your businesses’ presence throughout properties that have a strong presence on mobile, such as Google Maps, Bing and Yelp. Listings from the popular review service are also found by default in Apple’s maps app on iPhones and MacBooks.

Vistaprint’s Local Listings program starts at $10 per month, and gets you a toolset for viewing how extensive your advertising footprint. You also have access to metadata that’s collected while your campaign goes live. If you’re also a Vistaprint website customer, you’ll see site traffic attribution details.

A Little Background

In late 2014, the Venlo, the Netherlands parent company of Vistaprint and several other web-to-print brands — including Tradeprint, Exaprint, Albelli, Drukwerkdeal, Pixartprinting and WIRmachenDRUCK — changed its name to Cimpress N.V. 

The company further said it plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars through 2019 in the development of proprietary software and production technology to evolve its operational capabilities into a shared mass customization platform (MCP). 

"The Cimpress MCP will aggregate the production volumes of the Cimpress portfolio of brands, each of which empower customers to make personalized, tangible connections in ways that matter most to them," the company stated.

As Robert Keane, president and chief executive officer, Cimpress, explained, “Businesses and consumers are still too often forced to choose between the ease and flexibility of digital communications and a more enduring tangible connection with their audience. We are changing that."

Reputation Management

A lot can happen online when it comes to how others perceive your business. Yelp, Google Maps and other review and aggregate sites are designed to give customers a lot of say over shaping opinion about different businesses.

But people can be fickle and unpredictable in their comments. They didn’t speak the order clearly? No matter — it’s your fault. And they’ll be happy to let the world know with a negative review.

Vistaprint seeks to help you out here with “real-time Yelp review monitoring.” This could be a more comprehensive way of dealing with the masses, though there’s also the official Yelp mobile app for businesses.

If you’re interested in trying out the new services from Vistaprint, you can try them out for the typical free trial period of 30 days. Thereafter your monthly fees will begin.