Google has been so focused on introducing new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) features this year that it may have seemed it was overlooking its enterprise version, Google Analytics 360 (GA360). Last week proved otherwise, with the announcement of a major update to the Analytics 360 platform

The changes were inevitable. Google had already brought a few GA360 features downstream to GA4, such as the reporting hub. So it was only a matter of time before it reversed course and updated the enterprise version with GA4 features. The update also brought unique refinements exclusive to the GA360 platform.

Reporting That Aligns Business Units to Marketing Campaigns

The updates focus on making reporting more convenient for large-scale campaign management. Marketers have always needed to manage multiple campaigns across regions and in real time. GA360 was designed for campaigns that scale larger than a standard GA4 account. The new GA360 introduces product line sub-properties to help with campaign reporting across multiple products. Sub-properties can be customized to match account access settings and regions. In addition, marketers can link sub-properties to associated Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform accounts.  

Sub-properties provide better account access flexibility according to individual team needs. It allows for the creation of tailored reports for marketing teams running different regional campaigns. GA4 and GA360 have long had reporting settings for users, but introducing product lines as a subdirectory better aligns campaigns to business units that are often divided according to product lines.

Another feature is the ability to create reporting collections, a set of reports on which user access is based on account report topics. The reporting sections in the account navigation, Life cycle and User, are the default collections available. Users can also create their own collections.

Learning Opportunities

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Other Updates to Google Analytics 360

With this update, Google also raised limits on dimensions, audiences and conversion type settings. Marketers can now select up to 125 custom dimensions, 400 audiences and 50 conversion types. The increase will allow a better management of complex campaigns that cover a wide number of offerings, regions, events and referral traffic sources from multiple platforms.

Google also enhanced the integration between Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery. Real-time data updates happen hourly, making it possible to identify customer behavior within a shorter time frame. Google also added a service legal agreement (SLA) for exporting daily data from Big Query. The offering allows marketing teams to tailor the services it needs from the data platform.

Google has launched the new Google Analytics 360 for existing clients, with instructions to upgrade to the beta. Reporting collections will appear in GA360 accounts in the months ahead.