When it comes to email, Google's Gmail still holds a significantly larger marketshare than Microsoft's Outlook. But keep an eye on the Microsoft space. 

Last July the company unveiled Focused Inbox, its answer to Gmail's Inbox, which separates important form non-important email.

This week Microsoft’s Garage, its technology innovation research center, unveiled Email Insights, a new app that promises better search across the Outlook email service. It can also surface the emails most relevant to the search query entered.

Gmail arguably took off the way it did because it offered quick and easy search. Outlook, in contrast, doesn’t rank results by relevance.

Email Insights aims to change that. In fact, Microsoft appears to be targeting this traditional Gmail stomping ground by offering Windows 10 users a way to search not just Outlook, but Gmail, too.

What’s more, Email Insights offers contextual search features. On the Garage website, Microsoft describes it as “guided search in the form of superfast autocomplete, spell correct and fuzzy name search which means that users do not have to type out everything.”

For the moment, Email Insights is in its infancy. It is not yet a part of Outlook — and there's no guarantee it will ever become part of it.

In the meantime, Microsoft keeps tinkering with Focused Inbox, which will be released for Mac and Outlook.com users by April. We are still waiting for a release date for Outlook 2016 on Windows.

ShareVault Offers New Connections

Los Gatos, Calif.-based ShareVault, which builds data rooms for secure document sharing, is now offering connectors to Box, Dropbox and DocuSign. The connectors enable users to take any content stored in these three applications and share it through ShareVault.

The ShareVault data rooms are a way of sharing documents and sensitive data securely with third parties, through secure rooms providing a secure alternative to sharing documents beyond the firewall using file sync and share applications.

This works by enabling external parties to log into one web application and securely access content from all the user’s other cloud-based platforms.

Learning Opportunities

ShareVault’s Box and Dropbox connectors add to the existing SharePoint/Office 365 connectors, while the DocuSign connector enables users to take documents into the data rooms and sign off on documents.

LibreOffice Offers Version 5.3

The Berlin, Germany-based Document Foundation released LibreOffice 5.3. A statement from the organization calls it a major release with a bunch of features, including a ribbon interface that resembles Microsoft Office.

The foundation also made available the LibreOffice Online source code, which can be installed on servers.

LibreOffice 5.3 is available now for macOS and Windows. It will be available soon for Linux. 

The new LibreOffice Online is what really stands out here. According to LibreOffice, the online version comes as a software package, not a service. It noted:

“The Document Foundation doesn’t have the resources or desire to set up an online service like Google Docs or Office 365. Instead, it is offering LibreOffice Online code that you can install on your own server. All you need is a single sign-on service and a file sync and storage solution like Nextcloud. Then just install LibreOffice, add users and start collaborating on documents. While individuals can install LibreOffice Online on their own servers, it’s aimed at ISPs and other cloud providers, giving them the ability to offer open source online collaborative suites to compete with Google Docs and Office 365.” 

If you do download it and get it up and running let us know what you think?