If you're organization is like most, the pace is fast and your juggling multiple primary and secondary initiatives, and you're heavily involved in multiple complex projects at once, meaning that each individual project can get very hectic very fast. The right agile project management tools can make or break your business. 

To help you identify the right set of digital tools to make your business successful, we've put together this handy list of agile project management tools that will keep your organization moving forward.

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile project management is a project management methodology that helps enterprises comprehensively manage, execute and monitor multiple projects both large and small. Typical features would include project roadmaps, deadlines, comments and user permissions. These tools use visual interfaces to illustrate progress, or the lack thereof.

Without further ado, here are eleven enterprise agile planning tools that made Gartner's most recent Magic Quadrant checking out.

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1. AgileCraft

AgileCraft’s enterprise solution allows project managers to track financial, resource allocation and progress across all strategies. It comes with T-Rex technology which enables you to integrate a variety of different project management tools including Jira and VersionOne. 

It's also worth noting that AgileCraft’s "Strategy Room" allows you to both map out strategies and model workflows easily to help empower c-suite executives.

2. Atlassian

Atlassian is a team collaboration software. It comes with a range of tools including Jira, Confluence and Trello. Many of these tools can be used for free individually. The enterprise solution provided by Atlassian focuses on value-driven agility and helps to identify key strategic drivers to maximize output. Atlassian is available to enterprises as either a self-hosted solution or as a SaaS solution.

3. Blueprint

Blueprint’s Storyteller helps to bridge the gap between business portfolio planning and IT executives. Storyteller’s Visual Solution Model allows both business and IT teams to collaboratively define customer journey maps, business processes and value streams. The Automated Workflow feature provides standardization, task delegation and even automates common repetitive tasks.

4. CA Technologies

CA Agile Central enables you to align strategy with execution and delivery. The Portfolio Hierarchy tool allows project managers to have deep visibility of the workflow and get an overview of progress in individual teams. 

In addition, CA Agile Central comes with a range of metrics and analytical tools to see if your projects are on course to meet business objectives.

Learning Opportunities

5. CollabNet

CollabNet’s VersionOne is an all-in-one enterprise application lifecycle management (ALM) software. It aids project managers from customer idea management, product road mapping to budgeting and allocation. VersionOne allows you to integrate with leading applications and open source development tools such as Salesforce.com, Jira and GIT.

6. IBM

IBM’s enterprise agile project management solution utilizes DevOps, a lean and agile delivery method that promotes better collaboration between business development and IT. IBM also uses "continuous engineering," which is made up of continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of applications, which helps to cut waste, reduce project cycle times and deliver customer values.

7. Inflectra

Inflectra is a tool for managing and testing software applications. Inflectra’s enterprise agile project management tool, known as SpiraPlan, enables project managers to set goals and execute them with real-time cross-project reporting. In addition to managing and synchronizing tasks, SpiraPlan’s test management feature provides project managers with real-time updates of numerous projects in the testing phase.

8. Micro Focus

Micro Focus’s enterprise agile project management solution comes with built-in predictive analytics that helps enterprises foresee trends and behaviors. It also utilizes DevOps and provides hybrid IT solutions so it can work with legacy IT infrastructures.

9. Microsoft

Microsoft Project is one of the most well-known enterprise project management solutions. In time, Microsoft Project has incorporated agile project management features such as managing multiple timelines, collaboration and scheduling to help simplify project planning on a large scale. And with it being a Microsoft product, it's sure to work well with Office 365.

10. Planview

Planview’s Enterprise One can help project managers familiarize themselves with the dependencies between your business objectives and your resources. This will aid in allocating resources more effectively. In addition, you can develop roadmaps which can connect strategies, investments, projects and resources together.

11. Targetprocess

Targetprocess has a user-friendly interface that provides project managers with a distraction-free overview of their projects. Its drag-and-drop feature enables you to add and remove projects in a matter of clicks. In addition, Targetprocess can integrate with existing development tools and can act as a central hub for collaboration across the enterprise. Also, Targetprocess is available as an app allowing managers to handle projects on the go.

What’s your favorite agile project management tool? Share it with us in the comments below!