teaser from Hyland about OnBase 17
OnBase by Hyland released the latest version of its flagship product today, aimed at simplifying the user experience PHOTO: Hyland

A little over a year since its last major release, enterprise content management specialist OnBase by Hyland today released OnBase 17, the latest iteration of its flagship offering aimed at improving the user experience and helping businesses — especially those in regulated industries — move forward with digital transformation initiatives.

Specifically, the upgraded platform incorporates nearly 3,500 new customer-driven features to modernize the interface and designed to support enterprises that work with large amounts of sensitive personal information.

Like its previous major releases, OnBase 17 incorporated feedback from OnBase customers in its design. 

OnBase 15 focused on digital processes and mobile access to data with over 2000 improvements to the platform, OnBase 16 tackled the lifecycle of enterprise data with 3000 improvements and now, OnBase 17 is tackling issues around digital transformation, digital workplace and user experience.

Reflecting the Evolution of ECM

The progression of the product reflects the evolution of enterprise content management market as a whole, as emerging trends and concerns shape customer needs. A few updates of note in OnBase 17 include:

  • A streamlined user interface with a faster document viewer
  • Refined two-factor security authentication
  • Capture upgrades that support increasingly sophisticated capture scenarios
  • Advanced electronic form capabilities that enable forms to read more simply
  • Combined, the 3500 improvements are designed to link critical content to core systems and manage related processes and data.

Hyland's Sam Babic
Sam Babic, Associate VP Development at Hyland
“One of the main things to highlight is that we have improved the user interface on all the clients and standardized them to provide a windows kind of theme for modern day apps,” Sam Babic, associate vice president of Development at Westlake, Ohio-based Hyland told CMSWire.

“We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our desktop apps and clients are fairly consistent and have a modern look and feel. That was the principal thing so we have used things like HTML5 to upgrade to some of the richer experiences.”

Improved Navigation, Updates to Mobile Experience

The new design provides better navigation and visibility, while the document viewer now comes with a much lower memory footprint.

Babic also noted the amount of work the company invested in improving the mobile experience.

“Deskless workers can now work digitally in areas where there is limited or no network connectivity. Relevant information in OnBase is securely downloaded to the mobile device for offline work,” he said.

“While working unconnected, users can gather new information in forms, photos and documents — all synchronizing back to the OnBase system once network connectivity becomes available.”

Mobile briefcase , OnBase by Hyland
Mobile briefcase, OnBase by Hyland

WorkView Gets a Mobile Upgrade

Finally, Hyland has improved the mobile capabilities of its WorkView case management platform.

WorkView is an OnBase solution that enables organizations to view and track information and interactions surrounding a specific business process.

The fully customizable, scalable solution not only captures these interactions, but also aggregates any supporting documents and information generated and transitioned during a business process.

“In this release we have upgraded the design for [WorkView] so as to be able to publish case management apps to a mobile device more easily than we could in the past,” Babic added.

This is all about enabling digital transformation in the industries where Hyland has most traction: notably health, insurance, governance and finance.

“We have always been about configurability and here we are extending that to the interface,” Babic said. “It is also one step towards our vision of our future as a content services platform. We’ve always felt that we have done content services, which is also how analysts see the market evolving.”

Increased Focus on Persona-Based Apps

This also reflects the direction Hyland plans to take OnBase over the coming year leading to the OnBase 18 release. Babic said this will move Hyland away from client-based apps to persona-based apps.

“This [release] is one step towards the next generation of [ECM] which is component based, with a composable architecture where we can develop even more persona- and task-feature apps,” Babic said.

Persona-based apps, much like persona-based marketing, base design choices on a specific targeted audience created through research into people's behaviors and attributes. These can include a person’s goals, actions and pain points, the belief being that taking a more specific approach in app building will result in products better tailored for users and thus, more likely to succeed.

“The future for us will be to move away from clients [based apps] and moving more toward personae-based applications," Babic said.

Even still, demand will still exist for a client, which will evolve from the current view to more of a dashboard approach. 

“The openness and configurability of our system offers the ability to configure it for all these different use cases in all the different departments and connect them all. We have always built organically so it is easy to integrate all these apps and departments," said Babic.

Future Plans, Including Perceptive Buy

Over the next year Hyland plans to continue building on its modular capabilities and configurability, as well as work on the recently acquired capabilities of Perceptive, which it purchased when its parent company, Thoma Brava, acquired Lexmark in May 2017.

Babic didn't go into the details of what and where Perceptive will fit into the company's portfolio, referring instead to a statement about the acquisition. The statement reads:

“The Perceptive Software business, including Perceptive Intelligent Capture, Acuo VNA, PACSGEAR and Enterprise Medical Image Viewing will be sold to Hyland Software, Inc., an existing Thoma Bravo portfolio company and leading provider of enterprise content management software led by President and CEO Bill Priemer.

It adds:

“We're incredibly excited to be acquiring the Lexmark Enterprise Software business as it contains some of the most advanced digital transformation technologies in the industry. The Perceptive Software business is highly complementary to Hyland, providing innovative technologies and vertical expertise.”