Today’s B2B buyers want more self-service e-commerce, and B2B companies are responding. Last year, the sales that occurred on B2B e-commerce sites and apps grew 19% to nearly $2 trillion.
Digital Commerce 360’s 2023 Ecommerce in Manufacturing & Distribution Report is the most detailed study of US manufacturing and distribution – and the way online purchasing plays a role in these industries.This report is packed with the research and data you need to put effective digital strategies in place, harness the lessons learned from companies and executives who have overcome major challenges and be adequately prepared for continuing sales expansion and productivity.

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Key facts from the report:

  • U.S. manufacturers and distributors grew total B2B sales in 2022 to $14.89 billion
  • Total B2B sales grew 15.4% in 2022
  • Manufacturers grew B2B digital commerce sales by about 15% in 2022
  • Distributors grew e-commerce 25% in 2022
  • Caterpillar’s e-commerce parts sales now exceed $2 billion annually
  • 63% of manufacturers will increase their spending on digital technology in 2023
  • Sales for Grainger’s e-commerce site surpassed $1 billion for the first time in a 12-month period
  • 75% of Grainger orders in the U.S. originate through a digital channel
  • 59% of manufacturers use EDI and digital marketing tools to generate more leads and sales

Analysis included in the report:

  • Executive summary on US manufacturing and distribution – and the B2B e-commerce market today
  • 10+ charts and graphs packed with all-new industry data
  • A detailed review of what manufacturers need to succeed in B2B e-commerce
  • 2022 online growth for manufacturers and distributors, with exclusive findings from a B2B buyer survey
  • Manufacturer case studies: Caterpillar, Xometry, Kraft Heinz
  • Distributor case studies: Amazon Business, Global Industrial, PartsBase

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