Following years of development, SilverStripe 4.0 is finally out of beta.

The first release candidate for SilverStripe 4 is now available with 160 updated modules. According to SilverStripe’s Product Marketing Specialist Andrew Underwood, a stable release is “looking likely for mid-November.”

Coincidentally, the 4th StripeCon Europe event was held on the island of Malta in October, bringing together members of the open source community, development agencies and freelancers to talk all things SilverStripe.


WordPress users can use November to start benefiting from what the company calls, “WordPress’ first Digital Experience Platform,” according to a WP Engine press release.

WP Engine’s WordPress Digital Experience Platform features:

  • Creative Agility: With WP Engine, brands can build remarkable web experiences quickly and easily with the flexibility of the WordPress open source platform as well as access to hundreds of thousands of WordPress developers located around the world
  • Actionable Intelligence: Provides insights to improve the digital experience and make a business impact
  • Ecosystem Integration: Extends the digital and marketing hub with open integrations using best-of-breed solutions. WP Engine combines its proprietary technology and expert service with integrated partner technology to extend innovation
  • Enterprise Performance: Delivers digital experiences with speed, scale, high-availability and proactive security, blocking over 3.6 billion malicious attacks each month.


Liferay released the newest version of Liferay Portal 7.0 Community Edition (CE), the open source version of Liferay's enterprise web platform, in late October. Among the key changes in this GA5 release are a modernized front-end workflow, revamped clustering capabilities, and the ability to blacklist OSGI modules.

Fresh off its North American Symposium held in October, Liferay will also hold its Liferay Digital Solutions Forum 2017 in London on Nov. 8, followed by Liferay Symposium Italy on Nov. 16 to 27 in Rome. Registrations are still open for both events. CMSWire reporter Kaya Ismail will be on site to live tweet and provide coverage for the London event, so say hello if you see him.

In other Liferay news, its open source community now numbers over 180,000 members.


In other news, Jahia Marketing Factory 1.8, Jahia’s A/B testing and personalization software, is set to hit the digital streets in “late November.” The latest release aims to help brands take significant steps towards GDPR compliance.

Jahia Marketing Factory 1.8 comes with the following key new features:

  • Consent management: Version 1.8 gives brands the ability to provide a website visitor with the possibility to agree / decline the collection of their data while browsing
  • Anonymize my profile: grants each visitor the possibility to anonymisz his profile, while still allowing for his data to be collected
  • Download my profile: gives visitors the ability to download their profiles and associated data from a Marketing Factory-powered website.

Jahia, a sponsor for the CMSWire DX Summit for the third year in a row, will present two sessions at the event, taking place Nov. 13 to 15 in Chicago. The first presentation will revolve around a case study with Al-Monitor, a Middle-East news agency. The second is titled, “A CDO’s View on Data-Driven Brand Transformation.”


Magnolia’s next big release, 5.6, is scheduled for November. Here’s a preview of the features to expect:

Learning Opportunities

  • Easy REST: Aims to make headless setups and Angular and React integrations easier. The new content delivery endpoint supports filtering and full-text search, and has a new lean response format designed to be easy to consume. Get all the content you need in just one request with powerful inlining of content references
  • Content tagging: Tags are an essential tool for content creators and editors to find, re-use and aggregate content. Authors will have a new tagging feature in Magnolia 5.6
  • Vaadin 8: Magnolia will be upgraded to Vaadin 8 with the 5.6 release, and will improv the performance of Magnolia's AdminCentral. Developers will need to upgrade their modules. 
Elsewhere, Magnolia revamped its training offerings to better suit the needs of developers looking to advance their Magnolia skills. Developers can attend both the beginner and advanced website developer courses on consecutive days, or only one as desired. The full-stack developer course covers the whole spectrum of Magnolia development, from light modules to create a custom Vaadin app.


Enonic is jumping on the headless bandwagon this month thanks to its new “Guillotine app,” which adds headless CMS capabilities to Enonic XP.

The Guillotine app provides a standard approach to headless for Enonic sites. Guillotine can easily be installed and added to existing and new Enonic sites without any modifications. The app adds a powerful JSON API that exposes all editorial content available on the site, while also taking permissions into consideration. This includes the ability to use Enonic’s powerful query language and search engine, as well as access to binary data and image services.

The API is based on GraphQL, and since Enonic XP is also capable of delivering rendered content, Enonic can now be classed as a decoupled CMS.

The Guillotine app is open source and freely available on the Enonic Market.

Other Open Source Headlines

SeoSamba has released SeoToaster CRM, built for website-centric organizations and online marketing campaigns. With it, brands can create landing pages using preset templates to feed the CRM. The product ships with SeoToaster CMS and SeoToasterEcommerce.

Finally, eZ Systems will host a webinar titled “The Value of a Continuous Development Process” on Nov. 7, 2017 at 1 pm ET.

Winter Is Coming …

But the world of open sources marches on. With notable updates from Liferay, Jahia and Magnolia, there’s plenty going on as we move towards the end of 2017 (yikes!).

Do you know of any other open source CMS news? Share it with us in the comments below.