Google is meeting its analytics customers where they tend to spend the most time: on tablets and smartphones.

In fact, in its latest upgrades to Google Analytics, Google has put the spotlight on its reporting app.

A Google Analytics app has been available for a while. But the latest — version 3.0 — includes a few features heavily influenced by chat platforms. That influence brings forth more benefits that analytic practitioners will appreciate and encourages end users to take more action on the go.

AJ Nainani, product manager for Google Analytics, demonstrated the new features of the Google Analytics app in a YouTube video. Using an iPad for the demo, Nainani explained how selected metrics and dimensions appear in the app. 

Easier to Read Metrics

Google has simplified the navigation in the app. The cleaner interface makes reports easier to view, and metrics and dimensions appear within scorecards. I found the scorecards reminiscent of the widgets in the Google Analytics dashboards.  

The scorecards list a few top dimensions in a given report. Creating a familiar brief view of metrics and dimensions takes advantage of familiar tablet and smartphone user behaviors.

Users can swipe to maneuver to their intended dimensions, and the shorter listing permits easier discovery of reports to bookmark.

Other new features introduce functionality meant to bring the app experience closer to that on the desktop/laptop Google Analytics interface.

The data can be viewed according to date ranges, allowing comparisons of periods. Users can dig into segments, adding segments as needed.

Improving Data Talk (and Action)

The highlight of the app is the improved sharing capabilities. Scorecards can be shared via text, email or chat using the communication software native to your tablet or phone.  

This means you can share a report in your favorite email client, all while not having to log into an account on a desktop or laptop. 

Learning Opportunities

That major app benefit makes Google Analytics more convenient to initiate action around the data, especially when team members are remote from each other.

An analytics app with more mobile-centric convenience reflects more than an update. It reflects the current mobile-centric way information is consumed in the enterprise. 

Increasingly managers and employees are turning to apps to better manage operations and customer service tactics across an organization.

Mobile Adoption Is a Given   

Studies are revealing the degree in which the shift to mobile devices is influencing business activity.  Business 2 Community reported a Smart Insights study that mobile digital media time among respondents is higher than that for desktop access (51 percent versus 42 percent, respectively).  

Even smaller businesses are adopting apps as an essential digital tool alongside a website. Small Business Trends reported that app development among businesses in consumer-facing industries is rising.

These trends imply that mobile access to analytics is becoming an essential tactic to connecting analytic results to meaningful action.

So give your Google Analytics a look on your Android or iOS device.  Version 3.0 of the Google Analytics app is available for both platforms.