Dublin-based Accenture is working to acquire Experity, a leading provider of cloud-based customer experience and commerce solutions in Brazil.

Accelerated by the pandemic, Brazil's e-commerce spending has reached historic levels -- nearly $10 billion in the first six months of the year, pressuring many brands to drastically rethink their approach to commerce. According to Experity, marrying their company's expertise with Accenture Interactive's global scale and capabilities will enhance the company's ability to deliver seamless commerce experiences.

Experity currently operates as consultant to a number of companies, working as "the go-to partner for clients looking for the agility and technology to build leading customer experiences," according to Daniel Huallem, one of the company's founders.

Now, Experity's team of approximately 454 people will join Accenture Interactive in Brazil -- a massive IT and consulting firm. Proponents say the merge will bring scale and strengthened abilities to seamlessly deliver cloud-based customer experience solutions for leading companies in segments like consumer goods and natural resources.

Cristiano Dencker, Accenture Interactive Lead for Latin America, said: "Experity will solidify and scale our market capabilities in driving experience-led transformation. The company will bring strong leadership and expertise with key ecosystem partners, which helps us continue to deliver exemplary services in commerce, marketing, content and data for clients in Latin America."

Learning Opportunities

On its own, Accenture works with its clients to continuously transform businesses' market presence, and to reimagine commerce by staying flexible at all times -- something the company says is necessary in an ever-growing ecommerce market. With the now-merging of Accenture and Experity, the company now plans to provide even more market insight for their customers.

"Consumers across all industries expect personalized and frictionless digital experiences. With the addition of Experity, we will continue to enhance our ability to help our clients grow in ways that are critical to their long-term success," said Flaviano Faleiro, Accenture Interactive's president for Growth Markets, which includes Latin America.

Final terms of the transaction are not yet disclosed, with completion of Accenture's acquisition of Experity subject to customary closing conditions.

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