From human-centric CX design to journey mapping and the metaverse — the path to creating the optimal customer experience is constantly shifting — right along with customer expectations.

A frictionless, seamless and smooth journey — from the beginning of the customer journey to the end— was an expectation in 2022. Consumers also wanted brands to speak out and take a stand — but with authenticity and transparency. The new post-pandemic consumer expected convenience and speed — all within a personalized experience.

CX leaders strived to provide it all. So, what will 2023 bring? Before we figure that out, let’s take one more look back at CX in 2022.

Here are the top 10 customer experience articles from 2022.

10. How Have Customer Expectations Changed Over the Past 2 Years?

Customer expectations and an increased emphasis on exceptional, consistent digital experiences across all channels have risen. This article takes a look at how customer expectations have changed and what brands are doing to keep up.

9. How to Make Your Customer Experience Better: Be Convenient

Customers are willing to pay more for convenience. That makes price less relevant. Customers will stay because of convenience (or leave if the experience isn’t convenient). That makes convenience a competitive differentiator. Learn more about how to improve CX by being convenient.

8. 4 Strategic Approaches to Customer Journey Mapping

Journey mapping can help provide insights into every part of a customer’s experience. Hear from four CX experts who share their own strategies for creating a customer journey map and then follow the six steps for creating you own.

7. 3 Ways Data Science Is Key to Customer Experience

Data science enables brands to gain a deeper understanding of each touchpoint in the customer journey by analyzing the information from previous customer purchases and interactions, providing a more personalized and positive customer experience. But that's not the only way that data science contributes to CX.

Learning Opportunities

6. One Size Does Not Fit All With AI and Customer Service

Can AI replicate the human touch or realize a mistake may have occurred? Our author shares his first-hand experience and contends that while technology and automation have a large part to play in the future of customer service, consumers will always need human intuition.

5. We Know Chatbots Are Falling Short, But Why?

In January we reported on the universal disappointment over chatbots. Only 22% of consumers had a positive impression of chatbots and research revealed that the No. 1 thing consumers want from chatbot experiences is the ability to escalate the interaction to a human. Read the three reasons why chatbots fail — and why marketers should rethink their chatbot game.

4. How Will Web3 Improve the Customer Experience?

With the promise of putting the power back into the hands of individuals, Web3 is on the horizon, and with it comes big changes like improved data privacy, increased digital trust and innovations in customer loyalty. Learn all the ways Web3 will enhance the CX experience.

3. 4 Ways the Metaverse Can Enhance the Customer Experience

Digital twins, avatar skins, digital clothing, virtual real estate, virtual nightclubs, shopping centers, digital artwork — in the metaverse, not even the sky is the limit, as the possibilities are virtually limitless. The metaverse has the potential to completely alter the way ecommerce brands approach marketing strategies — and already has for many brands. Learn more about all the opportunities that await to empower customers to traverse the virtual and physical worlds when connecting with the business of their choice.

2. Do Your Brand's Values Align With Those of Gen Z?

By 2026, Gen Z will be the largest generation at around 82 million people. People who are passionate about equality, the environment and other social justice issues. So, what are the core brand values that attract Gen Z — and how can brands highlight their commitment to societal challenges such as diversity, environmentalism, sustainability, climate change and world hunger through a corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement?

1. What Is a Call Center? A Detailed Guide

For a detailed primer on all facets of a call center — here’s your handy guide. Learn why to have one, how they work, the various types there are, the technology used, the difference between a call center and a contact center and much more.