ActiveCampaign, a provider of Customer Experience Automation, announced an expanded integration with Slack. It includes enhanced capabilities for marketers and sales teams to use Slack for automated ticket management alerts, automatic qualifying messages to representatives and automated marketing campaign reporting among other features.

Automating Marketing, Sales, Support Communication Cycle

Customers of ActiveCampaign and Slack now have more access than before to automation and real-time alert features, according to Shay Howe, SVP of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign.

“Today, ActiveCampaign customers who connect their accounts with Slack can fire automated real-time Slack alerts to ensure the right teams help customers at the right time," Howe told CMSWire.

Learning Opportunities

Examples include automatically sending sales team a "follow up ASAP" message each time a prospect completes a "request a demo" form. Or automatically sending a personalized "Rebecca Sanchez from Boone’s Bandanas needs our help" alert to a support team’s Slack channel each time a customer submits a "contact us" form.

ActiveCampaign customers and Slack customers receive discounts on each others’ tools, according to Howe. ActiveCampaign is offering Slack customers 20% off one year of ActiveCampaign; Slack offers ActiveCampaign customers 30% off with Slack business plans.

This expanded connection arose from ActiveCampaign and Slack's desire to deliver the finest service and tools to emerging companies who are normally priced out of pricey software platforms, according to Howe.

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What Is Next for ActiveCampaign's Slack Integration?

ActiveCampaign is already planning its next release for Slack app users this quarter, "which will offer an even richer experience,” Howe promised. 

Users of Slack will soon be able to take quick, in-the-moment actions on their ActiveCampaign data without leaving the app. This will allow teams to be more productive and collaborate without having to leave the tools they appreciate, according to Howe.

ActiveCampaign released new Growth Accelerator Apps in January. These apps include Delighted and Magento as well as Snowflake and Sendoso. People who use ActiveCampaign can now use these new apps to make their events, surveys, data storage, direct mail and more easier to set up, according to Howe.

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