The Gist:

  • Head down to the Lone Star State. CMSWire Connect takes place next week.
  • Customer experience strategies and more. CMSWire Connect is the sixth in-person conference hosted by Simpler Media Group since 2015.

Did you know that it will be 1,281 days since we’ve seen each other in person at a Simpler Media Group event? Simpler Media Group owns CMSWire, and we've talked digital customer experience at our DX Summit event every year between 2015 and 2019. 

Of course, we know what happened in 2020. We were sent home due to COVID-19. 

So much has happened during that time — in health, of course, but also in the digital realm. According to an earlier CMSWire study, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for digital customer experience (DCX). In fact, 61% of organizations said that DCX had gotten “significantly” or “slightly” better since the pandemic.

And now we're finally able to gather under the same roof to discuss the biggest trends in the arena of digital customer experience. This time it will be at the newly-branded CMSWire Connect conference next week in Austin, Texas. And we've got a special treat, too: we'll be joined by our colleagues at our sister website, Reworked, which has owned the conversation of digital workplace and employee experience since its 2020 debut. Reworked will host Reworked Connect side-by-side with us.

Generative AI, CX and Leadership

COVID-19 brought so many changes for those who lead digital customer experience efforts in their companies. On top of that, we've seen a radical transformation these past few months due to the rise of generative AI — something that seems to change more rapidly each day. 

Customer experience is taking the lead for generative AI use cases by many organizations, and the conference tracks reflect that evolution:

  • AI, Conversational Experiences & the Future of CX
  • Customer Experience Leadership
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • NextGen Customer Service
  • The Modern CX Tech Stack & Essential Platforms

Featured Speakers: Everyone from Ice-T to CX Leaders

This year’s conference offers a dynamic lineup of speakers, such as Karna Crawford, Lauren DeYoung and many others — not to mention rounding off with the one and only Ice-T, rapper, actor and entertainment guru. Conference-goers can expect to learn from experts on topics such as AI, machine learning, data privacy and digital transformation. 

Learning Opportunities

Check out Q&As with a few of our speakers here:

  • Sean Albertson: Cutting-Edge Strategies and Technologies for Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Stephanie Petrusha: Master the Move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
  • Brian Piper: Effective Content Optimization Techniques and Metrics That Matter
  • Kristina Podnar: Privacy by Design, Data Compliance and Engaging User Experiences
  • Matthew Schaeffer: Optimizing Customer Experience Stacks and the Importance of Adaptability

Keynotes, Workshops and Other Events

In addition to the keynote presentations, the CMSWire Connect Conference will feature interactive workshops and panel discussions where attendees can collaborate, exchange ideas and learn together. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your digital horizons and connect with like-minded individuals, all while expanding your network. View the full agenda here to view the scheduling of keynotes, master classes and more.

To top it all off, the event will showcase cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in the exhibition hall, where attendees can experience the latest digital tools and gadgets. 

Kicking it Old School: Highlights from Past DX Summits

Like we said, it's been a few days since we last met. The DX Summit introduced a great gathering of the best customer experience leaders in the world during those five years in Chicago before turning into CMSWire Connect after a three-and-a-half-year hiatus.

Here are some insights from those past in-person conferences for some weekend reading before we head into CMSWire Connect next week!