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  • Relationship investment. Deepen customer relationships through meaningful, brand-related gifting.
  • Brand archetypes. Match gifts with your brand archetype to create memorable experiences.
  • Lasting impressions. Cultivate lasting impressions to boost brand value and customer retention.

When it comes to the final analysis in terms of sales, people do business with those that they know, like and trust. But if you are a vendor or service provider, how can you persistently reach out in ways that aren’t annoying, "salesly" and just plain forgettable?

There’s got to be a better way than cheap swag. Or, As Michael Scott says — stuff we all get.  

This is where the power of a physical gift comes into focus for the human psyche. Since time immemorial, cultures have had a deep history of the practice and significance of gift giving. Perhaps it’s time to jump in and bring this into focus for the modern age in the business sphere.

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Valuing and Deepening the Relationship Experience

Is there only value to a perceived beginning of a relationship? Hardly. Studies have proven that your best customers are your returning customers. Let's break it down by the numbers. A whopping 80% of CEOs believe that gifting provides positive and measurable ROI.  

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The Power of Gifting That Matches Your Brand

One way to really hit stride with your current customers in a positive experiential way is through corporate gifting. Even better is to connect the memory of a gift with the archetype of your brand. If you are not yet familiar with brand archetypes, this psychological concept was popularized by the renowned Carl Jung back in the 1940s.  

A Look at a Few Brand Archetypes

These archetypes are clearly recognizable personalities that really bring your brand’s character into the forefront for your audience, such as the jester. Jester archetypes value enjoyment and lightheartedness. In this case, pairing up such a brand with a gifting experience such as a deck of custom playing cards. 

Learning Opportunities

Another such brand archetype is the magician. Imagine a brand that values mystery that would bring unconventional gifts for the unordinary experience. If you received a custom made and branded kaleidoscope with a wooden base, chances are you’d want to keep it on your desk, reflecting upon it later on. It would even be a conversation starter for others who would come into your office.

Let’s look at one more brand archetype: the hero. Hero brands favor the noble, practicality of things. Pairing this kind of brand up with a backpack could score you some significant points with clients.

These unique experiences reinforce the bond that customers have with your brand in a memorable way that they are likely to keep long into the future.

Being a key memory in the business world is a real stand out strategy. In fact, it has been established that if your brand follows these well-defined brand archetypes, it rises in value by 97% as compared to brands without a strong identity.

Bringing It All Together

At the end of the day, people buy from other people, so first impressions matter. Not only the first impressions, but the lasting impressions and touchpoints that we help make these experiences memorable along the way.

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