Safari may not be losing its edge. But it's losing to Edge. Safari's been plucked off its perch as the world’s second-most popular web browser for desktops by the company from Redmond.

Microsoft Edge’s web browser skipped ahead of Safari in second place this month with 10.07% of the worldwide market share, according to Statcounter. Apple’s Safari came in at 9.61%.

Each trailed the perennial landslide winner, Google’s Chrome, which has 66.64% of the world’s usage for desktop browsers. Mozilla’s Firefox registered at 7.87%, and that’s a drop of nearly 2% from its usage numbers two months earlier.

Marketers should naturally track web browser usage statistics. The move to cookie-less tracking on Google Chrome and growing privacy regulations and expectations among consumers are two major reasons.

What else to make of this? It’s a Google, Microsoft and Apple world, as we all know in tech. It’s also a sign that Microsoft’s Edge ascension of two years ago was not a fluke. The browser usage for the Redmond, Wash.-based giant grew significantly in 2020 when it climbed over 10% and saw its largest gain in a month.

And why may Safari be losing its edge, if you will (pun intended again)? Safari’s had to deal with bugs over the past year in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 and then saw some reported issues from users with Safari 15. That could be one of the reasons we’ve seen an opportunity for Edge to climb in front.

Or it could be outside of the realm of Safari woes and simply a case of Microsoft Edge gaining momentum. Some analysts like the ability to get comfortable with using the browser, while others call it the best user experience in Windows 10 — which is kind of a big deal since Windows 10 dominates the Window-using landscape worldwide at 73.24%, well ahead of the second-place Windows 7 (12.62%).

In other digital marketing and customer experience software circles…

CabinetM Activates the New MarTech Landscape

Scott Brinker’s martech landscape — now a joint effort with Frans Riemersma of the MartechTribe — is out again for the first time since 2020 (see more coverage next week on CMSWire). The number of marketing solutions is approaching 10,000.

In connection with the landscape release, CabinetM, which helps brands manage their marketing technology stacks, has released new functionality that provides any registered user (including those with free subscriptions) with the ability to:

  • Save product profiles
  • Add notes to those profiles which can be exported and shared
  • Compare, save and share comparison information
  • Create custom comparison and evaluation reports

“Visualizations of technology landscapes are helpful in delivering a view of the scope and depth of market categories, but to be really useful you need to be able to drill down to the product level in order to discover products that have the potential to add value in a particular environment,” Anita Brearton, CabinetM CEO, said in a press release. “This year’s MarTech Landscape takes a big leap in that direction.”

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Learning Opportunities

Conversica Partners With 6sense Account Insights

Conversica, which provides Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams, has announced a new Conversational Account-Based Marketing (ABM) integration with 6sense. Marketers will be able to access account and intent data from 6sense in ABM programs.

The integration with 6sense includes the ability to apply data to conversations across target account lists.

“We’re ultimately helping companies to reap the full value of their ABM investments,” Mark Jancola, chief development officer at Conversica, said in a press release.

“ABM vendors provide a wealth of information that marketing and sales (and eventually customer success) teams want to use to personalize communications, but are unfortunately unable to do so due to bandwidth limitations. By bringing our two solutions together, we’re able to action these insights at scale, provide contacts with the most relevant message and turn interest into direct sales conversations that would otherwise be impossible without a digital team member.”

Contacts get routed to conversations based on industry, persona and buying stage. 6sense adds in contact details for the management of segmented ABM account lists. Joins TikTok Marketing Partner Program, which provides a social advertising automation platform, has been named a new partner within the TikTok Marketing Partner program. It is now a Creative Partner and a Campaign Management Partner for TikTok.

"Through TikTok For Business, we’re building new opportunities for marketers to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community,” Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships, TikTok, said in a press release. plans to beta test this month, giving advertisers the ability to create TikTok assets and launch TikTok campaigns alongside other social platforms. Users will also get access to creative automation for campaign workflows, optimization and reporting.

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