Sitecore, a digital experience management software provider, has announced the acquisition of Reflektion, an AI-powered digital search platform. Reflektion's software is designed to understand and predict patterns, context and needs of shoppers.

Sitecore's latest acquisition, its fourth of this year, builds off its $1.2 billion growth plan. Earlier this year, Sitecore acquired Moosend, a marketing automation platform, customer data platform Boxever and Four51, an ecommerce solution. It acquired content marketing platform Stylelabs in 2018, making this five acquisitions in three years.

Reflektion's platform can be leveraged across all aspects of the Sitecore digital experience platform, according to company officials, who cited use cases such as converting product data into consumer-friendly language and understanding shopper intent, behavior and product preferences. Reflektion brings various types of search including personalized search, preview search, conversational search and voice search. Reflektion includes complementary commerce, AI and personalization capabilities. 

The acquisition is expected to close this month.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news...

Automattic Acquires Frontity

Automattic, the company behind, has acquired Frontity, which provides a React framework for React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. Automattic also powers WooCommerce, Jetpack, Tumblr and more.

Frontity officials said they will contribute to the WordPress open source project with the goal to improve full site editing developer experience. The company in 2019 launched an open-source Frontity Framework to help with integration between WordPress and React for building websites. Since then, the Frontity team has delivered frequent updates, released numerous features and packages, supported documentation, published multiple learning resources and support. 

Automattic made a 2020 investment in Frontity and then offered to sponsor Frontity to work directly on the WordPress open source project. Frontity contributed expertise in developer experience, frontend tooling, performance and UX to the WordPress core itself.

As part of Automattic, Frontity will continue its work helping improve WordPress and its full site editing developer experience. They won't push React to the WordPress front end, according to company officials. Frontity Framework will continue to live on as an open source software project, available for free. The teams there won't have the resources to fully work on development and maintenance of Frontity.

Observe.AI Acquires ScopeAI Acquisition

Observe.AI, which provides contact center AI, has announced its entry into omnichannel conversation intelligence following its acquisition of ScopeAI. ScopeAI extracts insights from customer conversations across chat, email and social media. This announcement comes after Observe.AI’s $50 million Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures, bringing the company’s total amount of funding to $89 million.

ScopeAI CEO Natalie Abeysena will lead Observe.AI's Omnichannel product line development. Observe.AI now includes a full suite of voice and text-based conversation intelligence offerings that include purpose-built workflows for quality assurance and agent performance and coaching. Observe.AI will formalize its omnichannel offering in the fall, starting with web chat support channels.

6sense Acquires Fortella

6sense, an account engagement platform, or account-based marketing, has announced the acquisition of Fortella. The move combines Fortella's AI-driven pipeline intelligence with the 6sense platform, adding pipeline planning, forecasting and measurement capabilities. 

Learning Opportunities

Officials say the combined platforms will help marketing and sales teams break data silos and align revenue teams around a predictable, unified methodology, enable customers to predict and generate pipeline plans, monitor progress toward goals and identify gaps.

GatherContent Adds Integrations To Help Streamline Martech Stacks

GatherContent, a content operations platform, has announced that it has added and deepened integrations to help customers streamline their martech stack experience. New integrations include Gatsby and Netlify, and deepened integrations include Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Drupal, Slack, Vercel and Zapier. GatherContent supports integrations, API management and headless capabilities. GatherContent has also built more libraries on its API, including JavaScript helper libraries using Jamstack technology. 

ZoomInfo Announces First Integrations With

ZoomInfo has announced the first available integrations between ZoomInfo and, a ZoomInfo company and a provider of conversation intelligence capabilities.

In July, ZoomInfo acquired Chorus to help companies identify their target markets and grow their businesses with insight-driven engagement. Customers can now transcribe and analyze calls taken in ZoomInfo Engage, access Chorus’ Momentum Insights within ZoomInfo, and access ZoomInfo’s B2B data and insights within Chorus’ conversation intelligence platform.

Epsilon and Publicis Sapient Integrate With Salesforce CDP

Epsilon and Publicis Sapient have announced the integration of Epsilon’s CORE ID with Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP). The integration allows clients to create a singular view of each customer across all Salesforce clouds and orchestrate customer journeys through Salesforce and Epsilon PeopleCloud. The alignment also increases the availability of CORE ID across the open web.  

Bizzabo Partners With Brightcove

Bizzabo, an events platform, has announced a partnership with business video provider Brightcove. This partnership provides event professionals with a solution for designing, managing, executing and measuring the success of virtual and hybrid events. Bizzabo customers can now integrate Brightcove's broadcast-grade streaming technology into events, whether the event is entirely virtual or a combination of virtual and in-person.

In February, Bizzabo launched the Bizzabo Partner Program, helping customers integrate complementary tools, technology and services into their events. Bizzabo also offers integrations with CRM, marketing automation and web analytics providers. Brightcove specializes in the CRM and marketing automation integration space.

Jabmo Adds Google Integration in ABM Platform

Jabmo, which provides account-based marketing solutions to the manufacturing and life sciences industries, has announced its latest integration with Google. The Google integration was released to existing customers earlier this year.

Officials say it provides an accurate picture of how their Google and other marketing channels are driving engagement with key accounts. It also allows users to reach and engage target accounts via advertising platforms, view campaign performance at an account level within a single platform and alert sales teams on key account engagement surges.

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