MParticle, a customer data platform, has acquired Indicative in a move designed to help teams solve for data trust with the complexity of scale.

Founded eight years ago, mParticle has helped brands with foundational customer data challenges centered around data quality, governance and connectivity. Indicative is a customer journey analytics platform that will support solving these challenges, according to mParticle CEO Michael Katz. "A common problem that many teams face is that while data tracking plans start small, and the collection of tools that teams use to leverage that data is manageable to begin with; over time, more objects, more use cases, and more tools are added to the stack," Katz wrote in a Jan. 12 blog post. On top of that, new privacy constraints constantly change the rules of engagement. Data quality begins to become a victim to growth and success of teams across the org, until ultimately data trust erodes entirely." 

Indicative offers several visualization capabilities including unique Multipath Funnel capabilities, providing teams the ability to compare various conversion paths across different segments and identify behaviors that impact conversion, according to Katz.

"With the combined capabilities, teams now have a variety of workflows by which they can operationalize their analytics without sacrificing data quality, or violating privacy constraints," he added. "Whether that begins with data exploration, or configuring an audience journey in mParticle, teams can easily understand key moments in the customer journey..."

In other customer experience and marketing software news...

Conductor Appoints Sherri Moyen as First Female CFO

Conductor, a marketing technology company, has announced that it has welcomed Sherri Moyen as its first female chief financial officer. Moyen will lead Conductor’s finance and legal teams, overseeing the company’s growth and providing strategic direction on financial and regulatory matters. Conductor is coming off a $150 million funding round led by Bregal Sagemount.

Most recently, Moyen served as CFO at Alvaria, a customer experience and workforce engagement software provider, and led its May sale to Abry Partners. Moyen received her MBA from Nichols College in Massachusetts and holds designations as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and Certified Financial Manager. 

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FullContact Partners With Lotame

FullContact, which provides consumer identity resolution as a service, has announced a new partnership with Lotame, a provider of data solutions to support connectivity and drive performance across all screens. The partnership offers marketers and advertisers data connectivity across the open web — without relying on third-party cookies or compromising first-party customer data, according to company officials. The partnership includes a new data onboarding solution.

When onboarding clients’ first-party data to Lotame, FullContact’s Resolve identity resolution product offers a higher match rate to Lotame’s Panorama ID, as well as faster turnaround through FullContact’s custom integration, according to company officials. This allows Lotame clients to better leverage their first-party data for monetization, audience expansion, targeting, measurement and more.

Language I/O Raises $6.5 Million in Series A Funding

Language I/O, which provides multilingual customer engagement, has announced it has raised a $6.5 million Series A round of funding. That brings the total amount of funding raised to date to $12.1 million, which includes the company's seed round completed in March of last year.

Gaurav Tewari of Silicon Valley-based Omega Venture Partners is the largest institutional investor in this Series A financing, investing alongside Bob Davoli of Gutbrain Ventures and Bruce Clarke of PBJ Capital. Other participating investors include Golden Seeds, Michael Wilens, Tom Axbey, James Pallotta and Eric Schnadig. This Series A round also included a new investor, Caruso Ventures headquartered in Boulder, Colo.

Language I/O offers an AI-enabled language translation platform that allows its customers to provide real-time customer support in more than 100 languages. Language I/O's software is currently focused on translation across email, articles, chat and social messaging among others.

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