Customer experience management (CXM) platform Sprinklr announced today its new AI and automation features — dubbed by the company as the "next generation of Sprinklr Modern Care."

Aimed at helping companies to unify case management and agent engagement in a single contact center software solution, the new features in Sprinklr Modern Care include: Conversational AI and Bots, Contact Center Automation & Intelligence, Live Chat Video Calling and an enhanced Self-Service Community.

A customer service solution built to solve omnichannel challenges for organizations across all industries, Sprinklr Modern Care's goal is to utilize its live chat, social, messaging, email, SMS, voice, and video capabilities in order to reduce friction.

The platform's conversational AI can reduce service costs by 98% according to Sprinklr — as it works to reduce case volume by analyzing customer messages in real time, understanding intent, context and sentiment. The AI's chatbots are then able to provide automated, human-sounding responses that reflect the conversation.

Learning Opportunities

According to the company, Sprinklr's new Contact Center Automation and Intelligence is designed to give companies immediate insights on agent quality scores, products, processes and performance — by turning routine customer queries into guided step-by-step instructions that agents can follow based on real-time analysis of conversation and intent.

"Companies in every industry around the world are struggling with costly outdated customer care technology that leaves agents ineffective and customers disappointed. With customer expectations increasing, it's time for companies to embrace a unified, digital care strategy," said Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Sprinklr. "With our latest Sprinklr Modern Care innovations, we're further accelerating time to value for companies who want to unify their customer care into the digital age."

The New York City-based company works with more than 1,000 enterprises around the world — such as Microsoft, P&G, Samsung and more.