Uniphore, a conversational automation-based company, announced its Series E funding round of $400 million. The round, which brings Uniphore’s total funding to more than half a billion, is led by NEA and raises the company’s valuation to $2.5 billion. March Capital and other existing Uniphore investors, along with new entities, are also participating in this funding round.

Every day, billions of conversations take place in a variety of businesses, including customer service, sales, human resources and education. Conversations are at the heart of all we do, and automated conversational solutions are the new currency of the digital marketing industry.

Conversational Automation Set To See New Heights With Funding

The new round of funding is Uniphore’s largest to date and will be used to extend the company's technology and market leadership, with advancements in voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion, as well as plans to expand its business operations globally, specifically in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The market for automating enterprise conversations has rapidly accelerated in the past few years as companies recognize the impact of positive customer interactions on their brand image and customer loyalty. As a result, many businesses have turned to artificial intelligence and automation to create smooth and frictionless customer experiences, and Uniphore has been at the forefront of the industry.

“Understanding conversations and the data and insights derived from them is essential to every business,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Uniphore. “Our conversational automation engine has been delivering powerful and innovative solutions to help enterprises not just survive but thrive amidst all the demands placed on them by customers.

"It is an incredibly exciting time to be in this industry and at Uniphore, with a rapidly growing customer base and unparalleled talent joining our leadership team and board of directors. I am looking forward to working with businesses around the world to help drive their success in 2022.”

The company believes that brands must understand and take action on pertinent conversations. Uniphore offers a comprehensive conversational automation platform that combines conversational AI, workflow automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with a business-friendly UX in a single integrated platform.

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Learning Opportunities

New Acquisitions to Uniphore’s Team As Company Brings In New Round of Funds

Uniphore’s rapid growth rate has also warranted new additions to its team. Announced today is the appointment of Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, Venture Partner, NEA, to Uniphore’s Board of Directors. Mrs. Koplow-McAdams is a seasoned enterprise software and services executive who brings more than three decades of experience from both growth-stage and established companies.

Bolstering the strength of its leadership team, the company recently appointed Balaji Raghavan as Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Dahlkemper as Chief People Officer and Vinod Muthukrishnan as Senior Vice President, Developer Platforms.

In addition to two major acquisitions — Emotion Research Labfor added capabilities in emotion AI, and Jacada for enhanced low-code/no-code capabilities — Uniphore celebrated other key milestones in 2021, including:

“When we look at Uniphore’s technology and the great advances the company has made in the last few years, we are very excited about its future product roadmap and are thrilled to participate in this new round,” said Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, Venture Partner, NEA. “As we continue to operate in an increasingly virtual work model, technologies like Uniphore’s are a necessity for organizations that want to unleash their competitive advantage and take their business to the next level.”

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