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Splunk App for AWS is the first app Splunk has built for Splunk Light, a platform aimed at smaller companies. PHOTO: Christine Sponchia

Not surprisingly, San Francisco-based Splunk chose AWS re:Invent to debut version 5 of what is becoming an increasingly important product for the company: Splunk App for AWS.

After all, for Splunk's client base on or moving to the public cloud, AWS is their top destination, Praveen Rangnath, senior director of Marketing, Cloud Solutions at Splunk told CMSWire. "More and more we hear our customers are talking about the cloud and actually migrating."

Perhaps a little more surprisingly, that debut also included compatibility with Splunk Light along with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. Indeed, this is the first app Splunk has built for Splunk Light, a platform it rolled out a few years ago aimed at smaller companies.

The app and its features are the same for all three environments, Rangnath says, which is telling in many respects. One, that companies of all sizes face common issues in IT infrastructure transparency and two, that smaller companies are moving to the cloud at growing levels.

Rangnath declined to say what percentage of Splunk's client base was moving to AWS (that the company has a strong partnership with AWS is one indicator though) as well as how fast its Splunk Light customer base has grown since its launch. But in both cases, it is a fast clip, he says.

"We chose to make AWS the first app for Splunk Light because that was the area where we saw the most demand."

New Splunk Features

As for the app itself, Splunk App for AWS 5.0 has several new dashboards including one that shows reserved versus on-demand AWS instances for billing purposes.

There is a topology visualization that shows the entire IT environment on AWS, Rangnath said. "Not only does it let you see all the resources and dependencies and connections — but you can also interact with them." The visualization also lets users see how the topology has changed over time, he says.

Other new features identify ways to optimize cloud costs and usage and security anomalies.

Machine Data and DX

Splunk's focus on the IT ecosystem does not mean the company is ignoring what is happening on the front end, where the customer are.

This week Splunk also released its fiscal 2017 third quarter earnings. It generated $93.5 million in net income on a GAAP basis, compared to $73 million the same quarter the previous fiscal year.

As he unveiled the numbers to shareholders and investor Splunk's CEO Doug Merritt talked a little about the company’s mission and where that sat in the general swing of things.

Companies have become acutely aware of how important machine data – which is essentially what Splunk is monitoring and generating – has become to their digital, social, mobile and e-commerce operations, he said.

"They are increasingly using machine data to provide critical context to the transactional data stored in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems and relational databases and data warehouses … [and] they are doing this so they can make data-driven decisions in real time."