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When we Americans talk Thanksgiving these days it conjures up visions of shopping as full contact sport and methods of avoiding conversational topics at the turkey and carbohydrate laden dinner table. But the original spirit of the holiday — giving thanks — is one that we can all get behind, whether observing the holiday or not.

We at CMSWire would like to use this occasion to say "thank you" to you, our readers. Without you, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing.    

Our continued growth this year, including our inaugural DX Summit, was fueled by your continued support. We look forward to continuing the conversations in the months and years ahead and hope that you will be joining in.

As we break for a long holiday weekend, we thought we'd leave you with a taste of the articles that resonated with you this month.

For Your Reading Pleasure

Appropriately enough, Vlad Catrinescu's Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving? SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 #ESPC15 caught the most attention this month, with his first person account of the announcements revealed during the European SharePoint Conference. And with the promise of another SharePoint server, a collective sigh of relief could be heard.

In Hortonworks Sets a Record, Virginia Backaitis shares the company's success story, which the VP of Strategy ascribed to the power of — once again — its community. "It takes a village to raise an elephant."

Virginia Backaitis hit a nerve once more with Oh Really Larry? Shedding Light on Oracle’s Claims. In it, Backaitis digs into some of the stories underlying the Oracle founder's bluster: "It’s a little hard to take Ellison at his word when he very publicly ridiculed the mere notion of the cloud in 2009 ..."

Project Management with Office 365: You've Got Options by Bill Ryan breaks down the many different approaches to project management on offer in Office 365, with step by step guidance on how to get started with each of them. "Microsoft has evolved the Office 365 Project Site template with a new task view, integration with Microsoft Project, integration with Outlook tasks and calendars, and other project-specific capabilities."

James Davidson's The Evolution and Future of Online Communities examines where we are with internal communities and explores where we might be headed in terms of use and tools to support them. "Offering a traditional portal, website, extranet or intranet that is not centered on the user, mobile optimized and lacking social creates a significant gap in your digital strategy."

In Sheryl Pattek: Change Your Culture Before Your Technology, Scott Fulton III returns to the ongoing chicken or egg question: which do we change first the culture or the tools? And Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Sheryl Pattek offered a definitive answer "Technology is the facilitator of the people and processes. While technology may improve efficiency and effectiveness, and allow you to work better as an organization, it has to start with culture, people and process."

Dom Nicastro explores how it's lonely at the top in Forrester: Only 1 DX Vendor Is a Leader. The digital experience field is wide open and while Forrester only identified one leader in the area, other companies have their eyes on the title. "There is a lot of innovation and pushing boundaries. But at the end of the day, people need to be able to operate today, tomorrow and in the future."

What Atlassian's IPO Filing Reveals by Erika Morphy takes advantage of the company's public filing to learn a little bit more about what makes the productivity tool-maker tick. "It has a surprisingly large customer base.  It counts 5 million monthly active users and more than 48,000 organizations in more than 160 countries."

Frank Palermo gets us ready for our future robot overlords in Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Finally Here. Palermo takes a deep dive into investments, innovations and areas where artificial intelligence is already intersecting our lives. "Google has been directing a large fraction of its millions of search queries to be interpreted by an AI system, nicknamed RankBrain, signaling for the first time the emerging role of AI in search."

And finally, in Tami Cannizzaro: Social Advocacy Is the New Marketing #DXS15, Sherry Toplyn covers one of the dynamic speakers at the DXSummit, eBay's Tami Cannizzaro. In a vivid and quotable session, Cannizzaro sought to inspire marketers to aim higher when interacting with customers. "'People want to hear from people, not brands,' she stated."

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