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Treat your customers like your best friend, and you’ll earn loyalty and advocacy in return.

Jahia Solutions drilled home that message in the recent CMSWire webinar, “Trust Matters: Privacy, Advocacy & CX.”

“Think about it as a person,” Lynn Scheurell, director of content marketing for Geneva, Switzerland-based Jahia Solutions said. “Why are you loyal? Typically it’s because you’re cared for.”

Marketers and their organizations must heed that message when it comes to handling their customers’ data. There is a reciprocal benefit, as Scheurell shared during the webinar, and it “will grow over time.”

“The way you handle your customer data will define you as a company,” Jahia CEO Elie Auvray once said.

Sustaining Great Customer Experience

This goes beyond providing great digital experience technology. It’s about providing support and building mutual respect and trust by simply showing you care.

Once you’ve earned that trust, you’ve opened the door for customers to share their experiences and become ambassadors for your brand.

Scheurell discussed a loyalty hierarchy during the webinar. Customers may see a daunting mountain in front of them, and they need to find a way to climb it.

“You’re walking every step of the journey with them,” Scheurell said. “Become a leader and advise them where they can become a leader and advise others how they can be successful.”

Show them they cannot tell stories of success without including you and your solutions.

Your customers' needs will evolve from having base needs met into using tools, streamlining workflows and functionality. Provide them internal support through communities and then external avenues, like access to analysts and industry reporters.

Eventually, they will progress through all of the levels to become advocates.

In what Jahia refers to as the third wave of marketing, the foundation is built on 1-to-1 relationships based on “trust and respect.” Valuable interactions, predictably repeated over time, drive quality and loyalty.

Transparency Builds Trust

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Brands that lack transparency in their messaging with consumers lose the ability to earn credibility, build trust and innovate, according to Jessica Sundstrom, vice president of digital marketing at Jahia, who also spoke on the webinar.

“It will negatively impact the bottom line, and people will opt out of your communication,” Sundstrom said.

It comes down to a balancing act: Customers want to feel safe and in control of their personal data and trust brands with their data and marketers want to know customers better in order to serve them better.

Sundstrom cited three pillars brands should follow:

  • Trusted by design
  • Personification
  • Data protection

“Privacy is not just about letting people unsubscribe,” she said. “Most companies are in a waiting mode. They’re waiting for consumers to get annoyed. If we continue on this path we’ll lose the chance to build trust proactively.”

Jahia has worked since late last year on an open source platform and has contributed the code of the Unomi Project to the Apache Software Foundation.

In order to have a solid customer-centric big data aggregator, Jahia worked with the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and the Apache Foundation.

“Brands should be held accountable for policies they have to maintain privacy,” Sundstrom said. 

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