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If you've cobbled together your company's digital experience (DX) from content management practices and technologies that were established 20 years ago, it's time to wake up.

That's the message CMSWire reiterated throughout the year. In fact, it was such an important topic that it formed the foundation of the inaugural DX Summit in Chicago in November.

In this evolving world of digital experience, every customer touchpoint is a key point of contact, as significant as the home page on your website a decade ago.

How can you adapt and provide the best digital experiences to your customers? Take a look.

A Sample of Popular Posts

Whether you see yourself as a pro at crafting a good digital experience, a newbie in need of help or somewhere in between, check out some o the year's top articles. You’re bound to learn something about this increasingly important aspect of modern business.

1) When it comes to analysis, there are few names more respected than Gartner. Dom Nicastro took a deep look at news from the company with Gartner Names Web Content Management Leaders. Tweet to Dom Nicastro.

The big news in the leaders group may be Sitecore’s leap over Adobe in its “ability to execute.” Adobe edged out Sitecore in the last Gartner report, but Sitecore grabbed the top spot today for the first time. However, Adobe beat Sitecore for “completeness of vision,” leading the pack this time around after finishing second to Sitecore 10 months ago.

2) Engagement is something more important than just selling a product. It’s usually good advice, and a key to what Virginia Backaitis wrote about with SAP DX Strategy Preempts Salesforce’s Thunder. Tweet to Virginia Backaitis.

“We want to have our point of view in the conversation,” said Nayaki Nayyar, the SVP who leads the charge for Customer Engagement Solutions at SAP. It’s a pretty bold move considering that, during our interview last week, Nayyar couldn’t have known what Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and his crew would be announcing at his company’s star studded user conference that has almost, literally, taken over San Francisco this week.

3) So what, exactly, is digital experience? If you’re unsure or want a good refresher, then check out A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Experience from Noreen Seebacher. Tweet to Noreen Seebacher.

Smart organizations are presenting the right set of content, services, products, actions and interfaces required to perform the task — creating what Gartner describes as Best Next Customer Experience (CX). The Best Next Customer Experience is a clever play on the next-best-action marketing concept, a customer-centric marketing paradigm that requires you to view process as “emergent.” The best next action emerges when we have sufficient data and information to take the next step.

4) CMS web development is an extremely crowded space. But Themler wanted to jump in anyway. Dom Nicastro detailed the journey with Gambling on Responsive CMS Design. Tweet to Dom Nicastro.

It’s fitting the tech executives behind Themler are based in Las Vegas. Their $2 million investment into CMS web development software is certainly a gamble. It’s a massively crowded space, and they're taking on competition in the world of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, three of the world's most popular open-source content management systems (CMSs).

5) July 8th wasn’t a great day for the Internet. Trading at the New York Stock Exchange was put on hold. Flights were grounded. Noreen Seebacher wrote about What a Bad Day for Technology. Tweet to Noreen Seebacher.

Most of us panic when the lights go off. God help us when we lose our Internet connection. And when something external happens to remind us that our whole, digitally inspired existence hinges on connections beyond our control … well, let's just say it's not surprising that we get a little paranoid. Today has been a bad day for those with high levels of mistrust and suspicions. And it's been even worse for technology.

6) For businesses that haven’t transitioned all their services and data to a digital format, a reckoning day is coming. Lori Alcala shares How to Survive Digital Transformation. Tweet to Lori Alcala.

Business and IT leaders must be ready and willing to innovate rapidly from a business model, business process and technology perspective, Gartner stressed. They should also recognize that some business processes must become deliberately unstable during this transition. 

7) Sometimes it’s not just the technology that needs to change in your organization - it’s the culture. Scott M. Fulton went into detail with this through writing Sheryl Pattek: Change Your Culture Before Your Technology. Tweet to Scott M. Fulton.

Technology will not provide your organization with the customer experience you’re looking for, any more than a hammer can build a house or a hose can extinguish a fire. We’ve heard hints of this viewpoint before from Forrester Research. But in recent conferences with its key clients, followed up by this month’s publication of a highly refined “customer obsession” operating model, this viewpoint has now been officially codified.

8) It’s not that you need to fit a digital experience for your company. Instead, Mark Floisand writes, you should Align Your Company Around Digital Experience. Tweet to Mark Floisand.

Marketers talk a big game about delivering seamless experiences that blend the offline and online to create long-term emotional connections with customers. At its core, this is context marketing — putting the right offer in front of the right customer in the right context at the right time. And when it works, the customer is delighted. When it doesn’t, it’s spam.

9) What are the major obstacles to organizations creating good digital experiences? We get some answers from Scott M. Fulton’s look at DX Digest: Mark Grannan on Digital Experience Integration. Tweet to Scott M. Fulton.

The biggest mistake that “thinkers” make with respect to the concept of “experience” is to presume it refers to anything businesses may be producing now. Second biggest, therefore, is the notion that “digital experience” is the portable version of “experience,” not unlike the boxed home game that “Jeopardy!” used to award as a consolation prize.

10) Our inaugural DX Summit brought about in many top-flight speakers in the industry. Sherry Toplyn summarized the thoughts from Tami Cannizzaro: Social Advocacy Is the New Marketing #DXS15. Tweet to Sherry Toplyn.

Cannizzaro’s talk built on the premise that legacy marketing efforts — in which brands fiercely maintain and protect their identities — are failing to keep up with the rapid shifts in human behavior that have reshaped our consumer interactions with traditional advertising, TV and even digital communications channels.