What did you care about in the digital and customer experience arenas in 2018? Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence (AI) intrigued our readers this year. It was also a year of looking at the right ways to manage projects, the right way to design a great user experience interface, and how to select web content management technology. 

Here we present the 10 CMSWire stories that led the pack in the digital and customer experience categories.

10. Digital Experience in 2018: 5 Trends

Like every other year, 2018 will be about moving forward with (and, for the first-movers, ahead of) the demands of the digital world. 

Here’s a look at what could be the five biggest developments in digital experience in 2018. 

9. 5 User Interface Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

It’s common to see websites and apps launch with glaring UI mistakes that drastically degrade the user experience. 

8. How Design Thinking Can Help Improve Your Organization's Customer Experience

Organizations that allow designers to act as business leaders, and not just the people who make products, embrace design thinking and likely operate with the customer at the center of their universe.

7. Agile, Kanban & Scrum, Oh My: Which Product Management Method Is Right For You?

With product management, one size certainly does not fit all. Taking a product from ideation to launch to updates and beyond requires a strong process but which method is right for your product or service?

6. 11 Rules for Selecting the Right Content Management System

How important is selecting the right web content management system (WCMS)? In Forrester's Web Content Management Wave report, analyst Ted Schadler called WCM the “Backbone of Digital Experience Delivery.” 

Learning Opportunities

5. Customer Experience Best Practices: A Framework for Designing Outstanding CX

When undertaking a digital transformation strategy, one of the first — and most important — steps in the process is to create a compelling customer experience (CX). Here we look at what's needed to build a solid CX framework

4. 6 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2018

Customer experience quality has largely stalled, according to a Forrester Research report. Multiple data sources show that customer confidence and spending are up, and expectations are rising as consumers interact with brands more than ever before. What CX trends should we watch for in 2018?

3. The Future of Customer Experience Is AI: Are You Ready?

Despite the dire predictions and well-publicized missteps, AI — when implemented correctly — can be a great boon to customer experiences and digital transformations.

2. 13 Must-Have User Experience Design Skills

You might be asking yourself, do I have what it takes to be a UX designer? We asked the experts what it takes to be successful.

1. How to Use Salesforce for Project Management

One way to achieve consistency throughout the customer journey is to use Salesforce for project management.