Forrester announced two acquisitions this week with the goal of building a real-time customer experience cloud with the goal of helping companies monitor and improve experience. The first of the acquisitions was FeedbackNow, maker of a physical customer feedback device and monitoring software. The second was GlimpzIt, an artificial intelligence and machine-learning provider. FeedbackNow generates more than 200,000 pieces of feedback per day from its "smiley boxes," according to Forrester officials. The GlimpzIt technology will be deployed to extend the analytics engine in the CX Cloud. 

The vision for the CX Cloud includes incorporating instant customer feedback from a range of inputs, including physical devices, social sites, specialized apps and embedded digital versions in websites and on mobile devices. The system would then analyze and prioritize that feedback and move critical feedback back to operational sites in real time via a distribution network. 

In other customer experience software news ....

Liferay Releases New Digital Experience Products

Liferay, Inc., which makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices, has debuted the release of Liferay Digital Experience Platform 7.1 (DXP) and new digital commerce and analytics offerings. With the changes to Liferay DXP 7.1, users can assemble web pages using pre-designed, reusable elements without touching code, company officials promised. Web developers can create these elements within Liferay’s own code editor or by using their preferred tools to import finished content directly into Liferay DXP via APIs.

Organizations can supplement the functionality of Liferay DXP with Liferay Analytics Cloud, a new offering that works with Liferay DXP to aggregate data into a single customer view. The analytics allow users to monitor performance of content along with data on customer behavior and interests. Liferay Analytics Cloud, which is in beta, will be offered as a SaaS-based subscription for Liferay DXP customers.

Liferay Commerce aims to streamline B2B purchases by providing a single interface with which to view products, receive customized pricing, make purchases and reorder them with one click. Commerce includes machine learning capabilities which gain an understanding of customer's purchasing habits over time to help inform inventory decisions and warehouse management.

Miller Heiman Group Releases Sales Analytics

Miller Heiman Group has launched a new sales analytics platform that combines the company's strategic selling methodology with technology to recommend the next steps sellers should take to close a deal.

Called Scout by Miller Heiman Group, it is designed to leverage data and analytics to predict best seller actions. The subscription-based software is available through a cloud-based, mobile-first platform. The company's Strategic Selling with Perspective methodology now includes new approaches designed to help sales teams bring insights and expertise to buyers throughout the sale.

Showpad Debuts AR Features

Showpad, a unified sales enablement platform, has launched Augmented Reality (AR) features. The new capabilities allow salespeople to present and share 3-D models through Showpad's iOS app, according to company officials. Buyers can in turn view and interact with 3-D models of a company's entire product portfolio. 

Learning Opportunities

Showpad will use Apple's ARKit in the Showpad iOS app, which allows users to project 3-D models in a physical environment. With the Showpad iOS app, sales teams can demonstrate the actual dimensions and features of products.

Sitecore Taps Former SDL CMO

Sitecore, a digital experience management software, has named Paige O’Neill as its new chief marketing officer (CMO) to lead Sitecore’s global marketing organization. O'Neill previously worked at Aprimo, Oracle, SDL and most recently as CMO for digital workplace platform provider Prysm. At Sitecore competitor SDL, O'Neill as CMO helped the company integrate and position its broad portfolio of solutions to focus on the company’s strength in digital experience. 

Sitecore's prior CMO was Scott Anderson, who is now CMO Advisor at Cognigy.

Marketo Partners with Clari

Clari, the provider of AI solutions for sales, and Marketo, which offers engagement marketing software and solutions, announced a strategic partnership to unite sales and marketing across the revenue funnel.

The Clari Marketo Connector will allow users to see when prospects open marketing emails, download content or register for webinars. They can view this marketing engagement data alongside other prospect activity signals captured in Clari, including emails and meetings. Clari and Marketo plan to introduce additional integrations with Marketo applications, including Marketo Sales Engage and Bizible.

InVision Updates Mobile App

InVision has introduced the latest update to its InVision mobile app for iOS and Android (beta). The new app adds features like Studio mirroring for mobile design reviews (starting with iOS), freehand support that brings a collaborative canvas to tablets, and several performance upgrades on Android. Freehand gives users a canvas to sketch on use to wireframe, plan, draw and scribble notes on an InVision prototype. These capabilities were previously available through a web browser.