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Well, hello. Sit back and dive into your top articles from last week on CMSWire. Hot ticket items include the top tech companies to work for, a surprising interview with Carsten Thoma, president of SAP Hybris and big reveal of the new Marketo CMO. Let’s get started.

Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • Hey Techies! Hired just released the top ten tech (holy tongue twister) companies to work for. Did your company make the cut?
  • SAP Hybris co-founder Carsten Thoma will be leaving the company at the end of this year after a 20 year run. Thoma divulges his exit plans in his exclusive interview with CMSWire’s Virginia Backaitis.
  • Marketo, a marketing automation provider, named Sarah Kennedy its CMO last week in the latest of its post-acquisition executive team shake-up.
  • Stop. Collaborate and listen. Outlook is back with the very same mission (to remain a viable collaboration tool). Ice ice Office 365.
  • ”A learning management system helps a brand build and organize e-learning experiences, enhance product and industry knowledge, comply with regulations and offer both internal and external corporate training with certification.” View your guide to the top Enterprise Learning Management systems.
  • Remember when I mentioned Marketo a few bullets back? Are you still unsure about the company's offerings? Here’s your Marketer’s guide to Marketo.
  • Data, data, data. It’s like money ringing in Chief Data Officers’ ears all around the world. Cha-Ching!
  • Instagram. It’s what the kids do. But, as you know, can make your business "Insta-famous." Here’s how B2B companies can build their brands using the social media platform.
  • No digital workplace is perfect. Check out 11 ways you can improve yours (hint: it starts with “people first”).
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Marketing are major buzzwords right now, but if I may be honest, seem overwhelming to implement as a digital marketer (thanks a lot PokemonGo!). CMSWire’s Erika Morphy eases nerves with a breakdown on how to get started with VR and AR (I’d jump on this ASAP if I were you).

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I hope your week to come has you doing your “Happy Dance.” We will catch you again this time next week. Chao!