deb lavoy

Deb Lavoy, CEO and founder of Narrative Builders, thinks good storytelling is a key element of marketing success.

Without a narrative that reflects what your organization does, you'll struggle to align your teams around a common objective, attract and inspire investors, and ultimately, provide a unified business strategy, she contends.

We sat down with her at CMSWire's DX Summit in Chicago to hear more about narrative development.

Tell Your Story

"One of the key big questions that fascinated me was "How do we make products that actually matter to people?" And the second was how do we create these opportunities for collaboration because you know when you've been a part of one of those phenomenal collaborations.

"They're magical. You can change anything. They are boundless sources of energy, innovation, creativity.

"But they seem so ephemeral. How do you find that?

"Two people working together in that mind meld, where they're really working together, have a shared understanding, a shared vision, a shared narrative of what they're trying to achieve. And that creates the alignment … that creates the source of energy for those two people to work together.

"And you can scale that, to some degree, too.

"When we're talking about digital experience, we're talking about using technology to intermediate more kinds of relationships in more kinds of ways.

"But relationships are essentially human things, right? And whether it’s a relationship between friends, between colleagues or between consumers and the businesses they do business with, human relationships and narratives help everyone sort of remember what those relationships are for and about.

"They become the heart around what people do and how they understand things."

Video by Lauren Veen