Siteworx believes digital experience (DX) execution is about speed and agility — and it has just launched a new way for B2B companies to achieve it.

As part of a larger rebrand, the Reston, Va. digital experience agency is capitalizing on its accelerated time to market strategy. Siteworx has promised it will help clients get DX solutions and campaigns into market in 120 days.

Siteworx, which focuses on content and commerce, wants to help clients design, build and run digital solutions using an iterative, agile methodology that allows it to develop a solution, take it to the market, get customer feedback, reiterate and relaunch. 

It Won’t Be Perfect

“This approach blows the doors off more traditional approaches where companies take nine to 12 months to perfect a solution. Then, when they launch, their customer has already changed,” Siteworx officials said in an email to CMSWire.

Siteworx officials said they realize working iteratively means solutions aren't always perfect upon first launch. But that is the cornerstone of lean or agile project development, which aims to work faster for testing, feedback and continuous improvement.

“For 14 years Siteworx has been working with clients on their digital initiatives,” Siteworx CEO Ken Quaglio said in a company video. “What’s happening in the market today, though, is companies are competing on time. You don’t have 12 to 18 months to put something out in the market. And in fact by the time you do that, the world’s already changed.”

With that, Siteworx introduced a company initiative called “idea to solution” or “I2S.”

“It’s our way of very rapidly getting to value with our clients over a 120-day period,” Quaglio said.

The approach “brings an idea to a storefront in a very short period of time with a total focus on value.” They’ll help clients focus on creating tangible results for their customers that will mitigate risk and ensure “they’re delivering real value in a timely manner.”

What's Your Compass?

Siteworx will help companies through a process it calls “Compass.”

It will help clients prioritize business goals and map them to measurable outcomes. It’s not a one-time engagement, company officials said, but rather a “process that allows us to make sure we stay the course throughout the entire project.”

Inside of 120 days, the company promises to produce solutions that are operable and deliver business value. It will “make sure we deliver working software that achieves business value quickly.”

Design, development and quality assurance teams will work as integrated teams crafting customer experiences and continuously building tangible working code faster.

“Once an experience is complete we launch and get immediate feedback,” officials said.

“We know our clients want to get to market faster than they’re competitors,” Quaglio said, “and we believe we are the partners to help them do that.”

New Exec in Town

Siteworx also hired James Landrum as vice president of content and commerce solutions. He brings more than 25 years of experience developing go-to-market strategies and helping companies understand the complexities of today’s cloud infrastructures. 

Before Siteworx, he was partner sales manager for Adobe, where he facilitated collaboration around and demand for Adobe Digital Marketing suite.

In previous positions, Landrum led business growth for award-winning agencies including Razorfish, Blast Radius, iXL and USWeb. He started his career in business consulting for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and for international consulting firm HCL Consultants.