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Admit it, you’ve done it at least once.

You’ve taken the camera on your phone or tablet, hit the "arrows in the camera doohickey" on either your iPhone or Android phone and taken at least one picture with yourself in it.

To millions of people, selfies have become as much a form of expression as a Hallmark card — and a foundation of day-to-day digital experience.

For many of us, a picture can say a thousand words. Could it also say a thousand dollars as well?


Among the nearly 100 million selfies taken each day, virtually none has held any monetary value (sentiment doesn't fill wallets other than a bunch of photos showing off your dog or grandkids). In the process, though, selfies have become as much a form of emotional experience as any form of communication that exists.

As brands, products and services seek new ways to capture and monetize the experiences that customers have with them, selfies could be the next big thing for the marketing world, and that “big thing” could offer a wealth of knowledge for brands wanting to know more about their consumer base.

According to Pay Your Selfie, brands have yet to tap the full potential of their customers' experiences because they have not analyzed the data associated with selfies.

The founders of this Chicago-based startup contend that these photos offer a treasure trove of data about how and where a product is used.

How It Works

Each week, Pay Your Selfie features new selfie tasks that invite users to capture what they do, like and care about. Each task typically pays 20 cents to $1. When a consumer has $20 in the bank, they can cash out and receive a check in the mail or donate their cash earnings to charity.

Want proof that selfies could open the door to new experiences?

Check out what Snapchat is doing to help users animate their selfies. As companies seek new ways to inject their brand into consumers’ lives, selfies could be the ideal vehicle to do it. In today's image-centric world, advertisers are looking to engage consumers in relevant ways, and it's exciting to see new and innovative mobile engagement plays.

How cool is this--brands can view "pay per click" through an entirely different lens and add a new measurement tool to their repertoire.

The click of a camera shutter can be just as powerful as the click of a mouse. What’s more, though, brands can actually see their products being used in real life; no ads needed to tell the story, as the story is being told by the consumer on her terms.

What's more, Pay Your Selfie tells me that selfie-takers can and should be rewarded for helping these brands see where their products are consumed--they actually pay selfie-shooters money for their photos (money is secured by brands and companies sponsoring the ask of app users).

Evolving Experiences

Three weeks from now, CMSWire will present the inaugural DX Summit at the W City Center Hotel in Chicago. There will be two full-days of discussion — Nov. 3 and 4, and pre-conference workshops on Nov. 2.

The agenda is firmly rooted in the evolution of digital customer experience, and the ways companies are transforming the customer journey. The summit will feature a host of industry leaders, including Nikos Acuña, director of Business Strategy at Rocket Fuel; Tony Byrne, founder and CEO of Real Story Group; Tami Cannizzaro, senior director, Marketing at eBay; Seth Earley, founder and CEO of Early Information Science; Mike Gilpin, CTO of Siteworx; and Mark Grannan, an analyst at Forrester; Christopher Justice, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing at Jahia; and Deb Lavoy, founder and CEO of Narrative Builders.

Of course, you'll also meet Brice Dunwoodie, the founder and CEO of Simpler Media Group — the parent company of CMSWire — and the whole CMSWire team.

We invite you to join us ... and snap a few selfies while you're there.

(Full Disclosure: The author provided public relations counsel to Pay Your Selfie during its pre-launch period.)