We’re neck deep in an attention span economy that gives you an 8-second chance to snag a customer or potential new client during on-the-fly, I-want-to-know, -do, -buy, -eat or -go micro-moments of buyer desire — the kind described in Think with Google research about the impact of mobile devices on your customer’s journey to get them to do what you want them to do.

That’s one second less to deliver a Seth Godin "Purple Cow" experience than if you were trying to impress a goldfish. Can you do it?

How to Get Attention

Winning the attention span game during essential anytime and anywhere a-mobile-device-can-go occurrences is key to getting more of what you want — i.e.. sales, speaking opportunities, subscriptions, signed contracts, a book deal, etc.

As an entrepreneur, startup, or small business with limited resources and/or track record compared to well known and well funded Fortune 500 brands, how can you be in “the right place at the right time” when these impromptu opportunities happen 24/7/365?

Good news is it’s not an 8-second game and there’s no need to stay up all night or work all weekend. What you need is old school consistency.

The Magic of Repetition

Consistency is an unsexy concept that doesn’t often make headlines because there’s zero glamour in simply doing what has to be done. Over and over. Because it works.

It’s why anyone rarely sticks to their New Year resolution to exercise or eat healthy — you have to keep doing the same thing for weeks, months and sometimes years, consistently, to see results and achieve goals.

5 Steps to Consistency

Check off these five components — consistently — and you’ll soon be building momentum and gaining the kind of traction that wins the micro-moments that matter to you.

Be consistently strategic by focusing your efforts only on the most timely and meaningful conversations that your customers, clients or fans participate in. Pick the ones that give you the biggest bang for your time and money and plan them out on a timeline that gives you a consistent cadence of activity with few inactive periods.

Be consistently there. Create a micro-moments strategy for your product or service by reviewing the buyer journey and implement marketing automation to guarantee delivery at the right time. The earlier you get in the better, so look hard for the ‘I’m aware’ or ‘I’m dreaming’ about it opportunities and how you can stand out.

Some buyer journeys are long, such as choosing a new home or hiring a public relations firm, whereas others are quicker, like craving pumpkin pie or deciding to download a new meditation app. Regardless of the duration, all buyer journeys need to be actively managed and nurtured consistently.

Learning Opportunities

Be consistently recognizable across screens and mediums because appearance is a reflection of a variety of important clues about a business, and books aren’t the only ones judged by their cover.

Whether your audience finds your Facebook ad, Instagram feed, eBay store, newsletter, website or YouTube channel on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, a quality consistent visual aesthetic and experience across screens provides continuity, is instantly identifiable, more memorable, and builds trust and confidence that a company delivers what it claims. Most of all, it reduces the buyer’s need to second guess, delay or worst of all, click over to a competitor.

Get your design, voice, message, positioning, onboarding, packaging, site design, unboxing strategy and whatever else defines who you are synced up.

Be consistently [omni] accessible to create a sense of trust during the micro-moments when desire and decisions intersect. In this day and age, being inaccessible has become inexcusable.

Have you ever gone to a website because you were interested in the company’s product or service, or because their branding resonated? After poking around trying to become familiar enough with their presence to make a commitment to sign up, buy, schedule an appointment or visit their local business, you realized there was only one obscure method of contact, either a generic [email protected] email address or a catch-all contact form? And that hint of inaccessibility created doubt or wasn’t your preferred method of contact so you ‘swipe left’ and leave that decision until another day that probably will never come.

Be consistently patient and flexible with a commitment to work your plan according to a reasonable timeline come rain or shine, peaks or valleys.

There are no silver bullets that will take you from obscurity to sustainable success without a solid foundation-building habit. By staying aware of feedback and troubleshooting as you go in the short term you will be able to steer your ship, overcome learning curves and gain traction on the way to meaningful success.

Consistency has a huge impact on business growth when employed regularly over the long term. It’s a hallmark of great leadership and success when applied to strategy, execution, communications and messaging because it builds credibility, presence and a track record that will begin to position your product or service everywhere your buyer’s desire strikes. Without it, stagnation and failure are the most likely outcomes to become consistent.  

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