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Facebook promises to make things easy on its 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users who want to access content from advertisers.

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based social media giant launched just launched its Lead Ad program that allows marketers and advertisers to place ads in Facebook news feeds that enable users to access content in two clicks.

The first click leads them to a contact information form automatically populated with the information the user gave to Facebook when they signed up, and the second click gives the user the option to share that information

"People expect to be able to do everything from their phones," the Facebook for Business team wrote in a blog post. "Mobile phones are where people communicate and discover the things they like, but historically, it’s been difficult for people on mobile to signal to businesses that they want to learn more about their products or services."

Enterprise Friends

Businesses can customize lead ad forms with open-ended or multiple choice questions. Each lead ad form offers both standardized and customizable fields. Advertisers can also include a customizable disclaimer, so companies with pre-approved legal language can add their approved disclaimer to lead ads.

Facebook has also partnered with heavy-hitting marketing technology vendors such as Salesforce and Oracle in order to help advertisers corral leads.

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Facebook wants advertisers to use lead ads to sync with a CRM solution from one of its integrated marketing platforms: Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sailthru and Salesforce.

"If you work with one of our integrated marketing platforms," the blog post explained, "you can collect lead information in real-time, helping you keep up with customer expectations that once they reach out to a business, they will hear back quickly."

Advertisers can collect leads in real time by setting up a custom integration between their CRM and the Facebook API. They can also download lead information manually into a CSV file. Advertisers with the Facebook pixel implemented on their website can set lead ads and can also measure cost-per-conversion from lead ads.

Salesforce, Oracle Respond

Two of the major marketing players integrating with Facebook talked about the program. Oracle's Shasta Smith, in an email to CMSWire, said the Oracle Marketing Cloud helps marketers retrieve information from Facebook lead ads and sync it with their own marketing solution.

"This means no list import, no manual data entry and no exported spreadsheets," she said.

Scott McCorkle, CEO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, wrote in a blog post today the Salesforce integration with Facebook Lead Ads will allow marketers to:

  • Collect lead information in real-time
  • Ensure that Facebook leads are captured in a secure system and made available for B2B and B2C sales, marketing and customer service opportunities

In coming weeks, Facebook for Business noted that lead ads will be available in new formats, including video and carousel, and also available on desktop.

The news comes a couple months after Facebook's Instagram, the 300-million-user social media picture-sharing site, changed its advertising API to help its major mobile advertising business.

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